Oregon Bulletin

October 1, 2013

Department of Transportation, Highway Division, Chapter 734

Rule Caption: Fee for Issuance of Sno-Park Parking Permits

Adm. Order No.: HWD 3-2013

Filed with Sec. of State: 8-26-2013

Certified to be Effective: 8-26-13

Notice Publication Date: 7-1-2013

Rules Amended: 734-020-0070

Subject: This rule establishes the fee for parking permits issued for winter recreation parking (Sno-Park) areas in accordance with ORS 811.595 and 811.600. Revenue generated from the sale of Sno-Park permits is accounted for separately in the Highway Fund. Funds in the account are primarily used for enforcement of the permit requirement and snow removal in the designated Sno-Park areas. There are three types of permits available to users of Sno-Parks, these are: an annual permit required from November 1 through April 30, a three-day permit valid for three consecutive days, and a one-day permit valid for a specific day. In order to keep up with increasing costs and to provide service to the recreation community, an increase in the permit fees was recommended by the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee. The committee was established in ORS 802.350 to advise the Department on matters relating to the Sno-Park program.

Rules Coordinator: Lauri Kunze—(503) 986-3171


Fee for Issuance of Parking Permits

(1) The fee for parking permits in winter recreation parking areas (Sno-Parks) shall be as follows:

(a) One day – $4;

(b) Three consecutive days – $9;

(c) Annual, beginning each November – $25.

(2) Sno-Park permits may be issued by the Department or persons appointed by the Department as provided in ORS 811.595.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, 811.595 & 811.600

Stats. Implemented: ORS 811.600

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