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November 1, 2011


Travel Information Council
Chapter 733

Rule Caption: Amend rules to add to the approved Supplemental Messages and clarify Interstate Oasis verbiage.

Adm. Order No.: TIC 1-2011

Filed with Sec. of State: 9-22-2011

Certified to be Effective: 9-22-11

Notice Publication Date: 7-1-2011

Rules Amended: 733-030-0080, 733-030-0450

Subject: The Travel Information Council held a quarterly meeting on September 16, 2011. The Council approved to amend rules to add to the list of approved Supplemental Messages and clarify the Interstate Oasis verbiage.

Rules Coordinator: Diane Cheyne—(503) 378-4508


Requirements for Supplemental Messages on Logo Plaques

(1) All supplemental messages must be displayed within the logo plaque in one horizontal line along the bottom of the plaque. The supplemental message should be displayed in a color to contrast effectively with the background of the logo plaque or be separated by a divider bar.

(2) On Interstate Highways and Expressways the supplemental message must have a minimum letter height of six inches and be proportional in size on all follow up Supplemental Signs. On Conventional Highways the supplemental message must have a minimum letter height of four inches.

(3) GAS facilities that are exclusively card-lock stations shall be required to display the supplemental message “CARD LOCK ONLY” on Interstate and Expressway logo plaques and “CARD LOCK” on Conventional Highway logo plaques.

(4) Seasonal facilities or facilities that only qualify with an approved waiver shall be required to display a concise description of the waived issue. Examples of acceptable messages include, but are not limited to, “OPEN MAY-SEPT”, “WEEKENDS ONLY”, “OPEN THURS-SUN”.

(5) Supplemental messages with the words “DIESEL”, “PROPANE”, “24 HOUR”, “RV DUMP”, “RV PARKING”, “RV ACCESS”, “ALT FUELS”, “BIODIESEL”, or “WiFi”, and/or the abbreviations CNG, EV, or E85, or a combination of two messages may be used by any business that offers those products or services. If a business elects to display the circular RV symbol, it will be the only supplemental message allowed. If a business designated as an INTERSTATE OASIS is displayed on a Logo Sign, the word “OASIS” may be used as a supplemental message on its logo plaque.

(6) All supplemental messages and their design on logo plaques must be approved by the Council.

(7) A seven-year review will be conducted for those existing logo plaques using separate logo riders following the adoption of this rule. Logo plaques using separate logo riders must comply with supplemental message rules when those plaques are replaced with new ones. All logo plaques must comply with supplemental message rules in ten years following adoption of this rule.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 377.700 - 377.840

Stats. Implemented: ORS 183.310 - 183.550

Hist.: TIC 3-1982, f. & ef. 6-1-82; TIC 4-1985, f. & ef. 6-4-85; TIC 5-1985, f. & ef. 12-13-85; TIC 1-1987(Temp), f. & ef. 3-6-87; TIC 5-1988, f. & cert. ef. 12-23-88; TIC 3-1989, f. & cert. ef. 10-27-89; TIC 1-1991, f. & cert. ef. 12-23-91; TIC 1-1996, f. & cert. ef. 1-8-96; TIC 1-1997, f. & cert. ef. 2-13-97; TIC 2-1998, f. & cert. ef. 11-13-98; TIC 1-2000, f. 4-14-00, cert. ef. 5-1-00; TIC 1-2002, f. & cert. ef. 4-19-02; TIC 2-2006, f. & cert. ef. 6-21-06; TIC 1-2009, f. & cert. ef. 4-3-09; TIC 2-2010, f. & cert. ef. 6-11-10; TIC 1-2011, f. & cert. ef. 9-22-11


Special Requirements — Interstate Highways and Expressways

If Supplemental Logo plaques containing the supplemental message “OASIS” are not used on the exit ramp, a Trailblazer sign with a white legend (minimum 6 inch letters) and border on a blue background must be provided on the exit ramp to indicate the direction and distance to the Interstate Oasis, unless the Interstate Oasis is clearly visible and identifiable from the exit ramp. Additional Trailblazer signs may be used, if determined to be necessary, along the cross road to guide motorists to the Oasis.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 377.700 - 377.840

Stats. Implemented: ORS 183.310 - 183.550

Hist.: TIC 2-2009, f. & cert. ef. 6-1-09; TIC 1-2011, f. & cert. ef. 9-22-11

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