Oregon Bulletin

November 1, 2013

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Chapter 695

Rule Caption: Repeals outdated administrative rules established in 2007 for salmon season state of emergency grants

Adm. Order No.: OWEB 3-2013

Filed with Sec. of State: 9-17-2013

Certified to be Effective: 9-17-13

Notice Publication Date: 8-1-2013

Rules Repealed: 695-007-0010, 695-007-0020, 695-007-0030, 695-007-0040

Subject: Division 7 of OWEB’s administrative rules was established in response to Governor Kulongoski’s Executive Orders issued between 2006 and 2008 declaring Salmon Season States of Emergency. The rules established grant application and award criteria for restoration, inventory and data collection, outreach, and technical planning projects that created employment opportunities for displaced workers (primarily fishers) during the States of Emergency. The most recent of the Salmon Season State of Emergency addressed by Division 7 rules expired in May 2009, rendering the rules obsolete. No Salmon Season State of Emergency has been declared since 2009.

   Furthermore, the subsequent adoption of Division 4 rules (i.e. OAR 695-004-0030 (2)) in 2009 gives the OWEB Board the ability to offer special grant types, such as the Salmon Season State of Emergency Grants. If a future State of Emergency is declared and the OWEB Board again decides to offer grants that provide opportunities to displaced workers, Division 4 rules allow the Board to publicly discuss and approve necessary guidance and criteria for special grant programs without amending or writing new administrative rules for each unique circumstance. The Division 4 rule renders the Division 7 rules redundant and unnecessary now and into the future.

Rules Coordinator: Renee Davis-Born—(503) 986-0029

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