Oregon Bulletin

December 1, 2011


Department of Transportation,
Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division
Chapter 735

Rule Caption: Updates Vehicle Dealer Rules to add reference to New Class IV All-Terrain Vehicle Type.

Adm. Order No.: DMV 10-2011

Filed with Sec. of State: 10-26-2011

Certified to be Effective: 1-1-12

Notice Publication Date: 9-1-2011

Rules Amended: 735-150-0040

Subject: This rule amendment implements HB 2329 (Chapter 360, Oregon Laws 2011) which changed the statutory definitions of all-terrain vehicles and added a new Class IV all-terrain vehicle type.

      DMV has amended OAR 735-150-0040 to include Class IV all-terrain vehicles to the list of vehicle types a qualified Oregon vehicle dealer may sell as a designated agent of DMV, pursuant to ORS 802.031.

      Additionally, subsection (4)(f) of the rule was amended to clarify that vehicle dealers may only prepare, submit, or prepare and submit documents and collect fees for transfers of registration plates for vehicles they sell. The change is consistent with current policy and dealer practices.

Rules Coordinator: Lauri Kunze—(503) 986-3171


Designation of Dealers as Agents

(1) Persons issued a dealer certificate under ORS 822.020 and who meet the qualifications set forth in OAR 735-150-0039, are designated as DMV’s agent pursuant to ORS 802.031 and may perform the duties of an agent as identified in section (4) of this rule.

(2) Snowmobile dealers and Class I, Class III and Class IV all-terrain vehicle dealers are designated as agents of DMV pursuant to ORS 802.031.

(3) DMV may impose sanctions against a dealer’s agent status as provided in OAR 735-150-0120.

(4) An agent of DMV may:

(a) Prepare, submit, or prepare and submit documents and collect fees necessary to title and register vehicles they sell, as provided in OAR 735-150-0050;

(b) Perform vehicle identification number inspections on vehicles they sell, as provided in OAR 735-022-0070, when the vehicle has been registered or titled in another jurisdiction subject to the limitations of OAR 735-022-0070;

(c) Issue temporary registration permits for unregistered vehicles they sell, as provided in ORS 803.625 and OAR 735-150-0060;

(d) Issue trip permits for unregistered vehicles they sell, as provided for in OAR 735-150-0070 and 735-150-0080;

(e) Issue 10-day trip permits for registered vehicles they sell, as provided in ORS 803.600, OAR 735-150-0070, 735-150-0080 and 735-034-0010. When issuing a 10-day trip permit as described in this subsection, a vehicle dealer:

(A) Must ensure any Oregon registration stickers have been removed from the registration plates in accordance with ORS 803.600;

(B) May not issue more than two permits for the same motor vehicle; and

(C) Must require the person applying for the permit to provide the insurance company name and policy number on the permit, and sign the certificate on the permit stating that the motor vehicle is covered by an insurance policy that meets the requirements of ORS 806.080 and will continue to be covered as long as the permit is valid; and

(f) Except as provided under section (9) of this rule, prepare, submit, or prepare and submit documents and collect fees for transfers of registration plates, for vehicles they sell, in accordance with OAR 735-150-0050.

(5) A dealer who, on behalf of a purchaser, prepared, submitted, or prepared and submitted documents and collected fees necessary to title and register a vehicle and who then receives from DMV the registration plates, stickers or temporary registration for the vehicle, must ensure delivery of the items obtained to the purchaser. Within five working days of receipt from DMV, the dealer must:

(a) Deliver the items to the purchaser;

(b) Mail the items to the purchaser; or

(c) Advise the purchaser the items are at the dealership and, if the purchaser agrees, arrange to have the items picked up at the dealership.

(6) The dealer must document in the dealer’s records the actions taken by the dealer to notify the purchaser or to deliver the registration plates, stickers and temporary registration.

(7) No dealer may, as a result of a dispute between the purchaser and dealer or for any other reason, withhold registration plates or stickers or temporary registration from the purchaser.

(8) Designated agents must only charge title, registration or plate transfer fees in the amount authorized by Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rule when collecting such fees on behalf of DMV.

(9) A dealer may not prepare, submit, or prepare and submit an application and collect fees for the transfer of plates under subsection (4)(f) of this rule if the dealer determines that the plates that the purchaser wants to transfer are not from a current issue of plates, are not customized plates described under ORS 805.240 or are so old, damaged, mutilated or otherwise rendered illegible as to be not useful for purposes of identification.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, 184.619, 802.010, 802.031, 803.530, 803.600, 803.625, 821.060 & 821.080

Stats. Implemented: ORS 802.031, 803.565, 803.600, 803.602, 803.645, 821.060, 821.080, 822.005 & 822.080

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