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The following definitions shall apply to all Oregon Administrative Rules contained in OAR chapter 125, division 20, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "Custodian" refers to a public body mandated, directly or indirectly, to create, maintain, care for or control a public record. "Custodian" does not include a public body that has custody of a public record as an agent of another public body that is the custodian, unless the public record is not otherwise available.

(2) "Department" refers to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

(3) "Designee" refers to any officer or employee of the Department, appointed by the Director to respond to requests for public records of the Department of Administrative Services.

(4) "Director" refers to the Director of the Department of Administrative Services.

(5) "Division" refers to an organizational component or operating unit of the Department of Administrative Services.

(6) "Duplication or Duplicating" refers to the process of reproducing a public record or writing in any format.

(7) "Person" includes any natural person, corporation, partnership, firm or association.

(8) "Photocopy(ing)" includes a photograph, microphotograph and any other reproduction on paper or film in any scale, or the process of reproducing, in the form of a photocopy, a public record or writing.

(9) "Public body" includes every state officer, agency, department, division, bureau, board and commission; every county and city governing body, school district, municipal corporation, and any board, department, commission, council, or agency thereof; and any other public agency of this state.

(10) "Public record or writing" includes a document, book, paper, photograph, file, sound recording, machine readable electronic record or other material regardless of physical form or characteristics, made, received, filed or recorded in pursuance of law or in connection with the transaction of public business, whether or not confidential or restricted in use.

(11) "Requestor" refers to the person requesting inspection, copies, or other reproduction of a public record of the Department.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.340 & 192.430
Stats. Implemented: ORS 192.410 - 192.505
Hist.: BAD 2-1997, f. 6-18-97, cert. ef. 7-1-97; Renumbered from 121-020-0010 by DAS 2-2012, f. 11-20-12, cert. ef. 12-1-12


Applicability of Rules

The Administrative Rules set forth in chapter 125, division 20 shall apply to all public records for which the Department is custodian, except as otherwise administered under OAR 105-010-0011 and 105-010-0016 of the Department's Chief Human Resources Office.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.340 & 192.430
Stats. Implemented: ORS 192.410 - 192.505
Hist.: BAD 2-1997, f. 6-18-97, cert. ef. 7-1-97; Renumbered from 121-020-0020 by DAS 2-2012, f. 11-20-12, cert. ef. 12-1-12


Access to Public Records

The Director or designee, in carrying out responsibilities of ORS 192.430, as custodian of public records:

(1) Shall allow access to and disclosure of the public records subject to ORS 192.410 to 192.505.

(2) Shall make restrictions and take precautions necessary to protect the integrity of the records and prevent interference with the regular discharge of the Department's duties; and

(3) Shall allow for inspection of the Department's public records during normal working days and hours at the location which the records reside, or any other reasonable location designated by the Director or designee.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.340 & 192.430
Stats. Implemented: ORS 192.410 - 192.505
Hist.: BAD 2-1997, f. 6-18-97, cert. ef. 7-1-97; Renumbered from 121-020-0030 by DAS 2-2012, f. 11-20-12, cert. ef. 12-1-12


Requests to Inspect or Obtain Copies of Public Records

(1) A request to inspect or obtain copies of a public record of the Department shall be made in writing to the Director, and shall include:

(a) The name, address and telephone number of the requestor;

(b) Identification of the records from which information is requested, if known.

(c) The time period the records were produced and officials involved in producing the records or other relevant information, if known;

(d) The format in which the information is needed (i.e. photocopies, audio or video cassette, machine readable, or electronic format, etc.);

(e) The number of copies needed, if copies are requested; and

(f) Instruction to the Department to certify copies, if necessary.

(2) The Director or designee may waive the requirement, under paragraph (1) of this rule, for a request to be in writing, if it is determined that effective administration is aided by the waiver.

(3) A review of the requested records will be conducted by the Department as necessary to determine whether the records are exempt from disclosure, in accordance with ORS 192.410 to 192.505 and any other references establishing an exemption to disclosure of public records.

(4) The Director or designee will advise the requestor, within a reasonable amount of time, whether the records may be disclosed, the date, time, and place they may be inspected or obtain copies of the records, and the estimated cost of inspection, duplication, and other related fees as described in OAR 125-020-0050.

(5) If the requested records contain information exempt from disclosure, the requestor will be furnished a copy of the record with the exempt material removed.

(6) The Director or designee may require and designate a Department employee to supervise the inspection of requested records.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.340 & 192.430
Stats. Implemented: ORS 192.410 - 192.505
Hist.: BAD 2-1997, f. 6-18-97, cert. ef. 7-1-97; Renumbered from 121-020-0040 by DAS 2-2012, f. 11-20-12, cert. ef. 12-1-12


Fees for Public Records and Other Services

(1) The Department will establish fees and miscellaneous charges, for providing access to or copies of public records in paper, electronic, or other format, based on the Department's actual costs of preparing and providing the records. Costs associated with a request for public records may include per page copy and facsimile fees, postage when applicable, staff time to locate, review, remove information exempt from disclosure, and/or transfer the material to a requested electronic or other necessary format appropriate for releasing the public record(s).

(2) No additional fee will be charged for providing records in an alternative format when required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

(3) The Director or designee may reduce or waive fees when:

(a) Time spent making the records available for inspection or preparation for photocopying was negligible; or

(b) Supplying the requested records is within the normal scope of Department activity; or

(c) Payment would cause extreme or undue financial hardship upon the requestor; or

(d) Making the record available primarily benefits the general public.

(4) All fees and charges must be paid in advance of releasing the requested public records for inspection or before photocopies are provided. Payments must be made by check or money order and made payable to the Department of Administrative Services.

(5) Consistent with ORS 279.550, to conserve and protect the State's resources, photocopies will be produced on recycled paper in double-sided print format whenever feasible to reduce costs and paper waste.

(6) Due to the threat of computer virus, the Department will not permit requestors to provide diskettes for electronic reproduction of computer records. Requests for other electronic reproduction will be evaluated at the time of the request and a determination made as to the feasibility and accessibility of the requested electronic format. The Department may require the requestor to provide the electronic media to which the record(s) will be copied.

(7) A request for public records requiring the Department to access the State's mainframe computer system, may include but not be limited to fees for computer usage time, data transfer costs, disk work space costs, programming, and fixed portion costs for printing and/or tape drive usage. Any fees charged the requestor as a result of accessing the State's mainframe computer system would be included in subsection (9)(h) of this rule.

(8) The Department limits the transmission of facsimile copies for public record requests to 30 pages.

(9) Fees:

(a) Photocopies (single or double-sided): 25 cents per page;

(b) Facsimile: $5 1st page, $1 per page thereafter;

(c) Diskette — 3 1/2 in.: $1 ea.;

(d) Audio Cassette — 90 min.: $1 ea.;

(e) Video Cassette — 2 hrs.: $2 ea.;

(f) Postage/Freight: First Class or Bulk rate based on weight;

(g) Staff Time: Calculated based on employee(s) hourly rate of pay;

(h) Indirect Costs/Third Party Charges: Based on actual/ invoiced fees;

(i) Publications: Fees for specific publications will be based on actual costs of development, printing and distribution, and determined by the Division distributing or releasing the publication.

(j) Certification of Public Record: $5

Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.340 & 192.430
Stats. Implemented: ORS 192.410 - 192.505
Hist.: BAD 2-1997, f. 6-18-97, cert. ef. 7-1-97; Renumbered from 121-020-0050 by DAS 2-2012, f. 11-20-12, cert. ef. 12-1-12

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