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The following definitions apply to OAR chapter 331, divisions 405 through 430:

(1) "Affidavit of Licensure" the meaning is set forth in OAR 331-030-0040.

(2) "Agency" means the Oregon Health Licensing Agency.

(3) “Board” means the State Board of Denture Technology.

(4) “Direct supervision” means the supervisor is immediately accessible and onsite at the business when denture technology services are performed.

(5) “High level disinfectant” means a chemical agent, which has demonstrated tuberculocidal activity and is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

(6) “Indirect supervision” means the supervisor is available by phone or by other means of electronic communication. The supervisor must be able to reasonably oversee the work of the individual being supervised, and be available for questions and assistance when needed.

(7) "Informed Consent" means the written consent obtained following a thorough and easily understood explanation to the patient, or patient's guardian, of the proposed procedures, any available alternative procedures and any risks associated with the procedures. Following the explanation, the licensee must ask the patient, or the patient's guardian, if there are any questions. The licensee must provide thorough and easily understood answers to questions asked.

(8) "Official transcript" means an original document authorized by the appropriate office in the Oregon Department of Education and certified by a college, university or private career school indicating applicant identity information, hours and types of course work, examinations and scores that the student has completed. Original documents must be submitted directly to the Agency from the college, university or private career school by United States Postal Service mail, or other recognized mail service providers, in a sealed envelope.

(9) “1,000 hours of supervised clinical practice in denture technology” means engaging in clinical and laboratory training in denture technology within an Agency approved education or work experience program. The program must include:

(a) Clinical: a minimum of 400 hours in direct patient care in denture technology; and

(b) Laboratory: construction of a minimum of 40 removable dentures, on 40 different patients. Each removable denture will be counted as one denture; an upper and a lower removable denture counts as two removable dentures.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 680.565
Stats. Implemented: ORS 680.565
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331-405-0030 [Renumbered to 331-440-0000]

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