The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through April 15, 2017


Columbia River Gorge Commission


The Columbia River Gorge Commission is authorized and required to take certain actions relating to interstate land conservation and development by the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act, Public Law 99-663 and the Columbia River Gorge Compact entered into by the states of Washington and Oregon.

Washington and Oregon statutes and rules relating to the subjects listed in Public Law 99-663 and Chapter 499, Washington Laws of 1987 and Chapter 14, Oregon Laws of 1987 are available for public inspection in most county courthouses and other public law libraries.

The Final Interim Guidelines, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, dated June 30, 1987 and adopted by the United States Secretary of Agriculture are available for public inspection at the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service offices at 902 Wasco Avenue, Hood River, OR 97031, and may also be obtained from the Columbia River Gorge Commission, P.O. Box 730, White Salmon, WA 98672.



350-010-0000 Purpose

350-010-0010 Authority

350-010-0020 Definitions

350-010-0030 Adoption and Use of Legal Descriptions and Maps

350-010-0040 Resolving Prior Interpretations

350-010-0050 Natural and Human Management Processes Do Not Affect Urban Area Boundaries



350-011-0001 Definitions for 350-011-0001 to 350-011-0010

350-011-0002 Policy

350-011-0003 Meetings of Commission to be Open to Public; Location of Meetings

350-011-0004 Public Notice Required; Special Notice for Executive Sessions, Special or Emergency Meetings

350-011-0005 Written Minutes Required; Content; Content of Minutes for Executive Sessions

350-011-0006 Executive Sessions Permitted on Certain Matters; Procedures; News Media Representatives' Attendance; Limits

350-011-0007 Meetings by Means of Telephonic or Electronic Communication

350-011-0008 Enforcement of 350-011-0001 to 350-001-0007; Effect of Violation on Validity of Decision of the Commission, Liability of Members

350-011-0009 Prima Facie Evidence of Violation Required of Plaintiff

350-011-0010 Smoking in Public Meetings Prohibited

350-011-0011 Regular Meetings to Include Time for Public Comment



350-012-0001 Definitions for 350-012-0001 to 350-012-0006

350-012-0002 Right to Inspect Public Records

350-012-0003 [Untitled]

350-012-0004 Times for Inspection and Copying

350-012-0005 Forms of Public Records; Fees

350-012-0006 Fees

350-012-0007 Fulfilling Requests

350-012-0008 Public Records Exempt From Disclosure

350-012-0009 Public Records Officer


350-013-0001 Financial Disclosure



350-014-0001 Definitions for 350-014-0001 to 350-014-0005

350-014-0002 Application

350-014-0003 Code of Ethics

350-014-0004 Declaration of Potential Conflicts, Methods of Handling Potential Conflicts

350-014-0005 Recording of Notice of Potential Conflict; Effect of Failure to Disclose Conflict

350-014-0006 Ex Parte Contact

350-014-0007 Appearance of Fairness



350-015-0100 Public Contracting



350-016-0001 Commission Required to Prepare Public Writings in Readable Form

350-016-0002 Definitions for 350-016-0002 to 350-016-0018

350-016-0003 Description of Organization; Service of Order; Effect of Not Putting Order in Writing

350-016-0004 Notice Requirements for Rule Adoption; Temporary Rule Adoption, or Amendment; Substantial Compliance Required

350-016-0005 Procedure for Commission Adoption of Federal Rules

350-016-0006 Filing and Taking Effect of Rules; Copies

350-016-0007 Petitions Requesting Adoption of Rules

350-016-0008 Notice to Party Before Hearing of Rights and Procedure; Legislative Findings; Failure to Provide Notice

350-016-0009 Notice, Hearing and Record in Contested Cases; Informal Dispositions; Hearings Officer

350-016-0010 Presiding Officer - Disqualification, Substitution

350-016-0011 Interpreter for Handicapped Person in Contested Case

350-016-0012 Depositions or Subpoena of Material Witness; Discovery

350-016-0013 Subpoenas in Contested Cases

350-016-0014 Evidence in Contested Cases

350-016-0015 Examination of Evidence by Agency in Contested Cases

350-016-0016 Commission Statement of Ex Parte Communications; Notice

350-016-0017 Proposed Order by Hearings Officer; Amendment by Commission; Exemptions

350-016-0018 Orders in Contested Cases

350-016-0020 Commission Record of Contested Case

350-016-0022 Service of Process

350-016-0024 Commission Record for Review

350-016-0025 Appearance of Fairness



350-030-0005 Purpose

350-030-0010 Definitions

350-030-0015 Civil Penalty

350-030-0020 Investigation

350-030-0025 De Minimis Violation

350-030-0030 Notice of Alleged Violation

350-030-0040 Answer

350-030-0050 Resolution Through Agreement

350-030-0060 Hearing on Proposed Resolution Through Agreement

350-030-0070 Hearing on Contested Case

350-030-0080 Order

350-030-0090 Penalty Criteria

350-030-0100 Summary Order



350-040-0000 Purpose

350-040-0010 Definitions

350-040-0020 Authority

350-040-0030 Application for Revision

350-040-0040 Processing of Application

350-040-0050 Submission and Acceptance of Application

350-040-0055 Work Plan

350-040-0060 Notice of Application

350-040-0065 Public Comment

350-040-0070 Report of the Executive Director

350-040-0080 Hearings

350-040-0090 Consultation



350-050-0010 Purpose

350-050-0020 Authority

350-050-0030 Criteria for Plan Amendment Approval

350-050-0035 Matters Not Constituting a Plan Amendment

350-050-0040 Origin of Applications

350-050-0045 Pre-Application Conference Required for Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendment

350-050-0050 Application for Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendments

350-050-0060 Processing of Applications and Requests

350-050-0070 Acceptance of Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendment Application

350-050-0080 Notice of Application for Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendment or Proposal for Legislative Amendment

350-050-0085 Public Comment

350-050-0090 Report of the Executive Director

350-050-0100 Hearing

350-050-0120 Review by the Secretary of Agriculture



350-060-0000 Purpose

350-060-0010 Authority

350-060-0020 Scope

350-060-0030 Application

350-060-0040 Definitions

350-060-0042 Delegation of Authority to the Chair of the Commission

350-060-0045 Time

350-060-0047 Electronic Filing and Service

350-060-0050 Notice of Appeal

350-060-0055 Respondents’ Notice of Appearance

350-060-0060 Record

350-060-0070 Objections to the Record

350-060-0075 Alternative Dispute Resolution and Settlement

350-060-0080 Appellant's Brief

350-060-0090 Special Review

350-060-0100 Respondent's Brief

350-060-0110 Reply Brief

350-060-0120 Oral Argument

350-060-0130 Motions, Generally and Procedural Orders

350-060-0150 Evidentiary Hearings

350-060-0160 Intervention

350-060-0170 Amicus Participation

350-060-0180 Consolidation

350-060-0190 Extensions of Time

350-060-0200 Stays

350-060-0205 Dismissal by the Commission

350-060-0210 Final Order of Commission

350-060-0220 Reversal or Remand of Land Use Decisions

350-060-0230 Reconsideration

350-060-0240 Special Rules for Filing of Appeal After Expiration of Appeal Period



350-070-0000 Purpose

350-070-0010 Authority

350-070-0020 Scope

350-070-0030 Application

350-070-0040 Definitions

350-070-0042 Delegation of Authority to the Chair of the Commission

350-070-0045 Time

350-070-0046 Electronic Filing and Service

350-070-0047 Who May Appeal

350-070-0050 Notice of Appeal

350-070-0060 Special Review Process

350-070-0070 Record

350-070-0080 Objections to the Record

350-070-0085 Alternative Dispute Resolution

350-070-0090 Appellant's Brief

350-070-0110 Response and Reply Briefs

350-070-0120 Motions, Generally and Procedural Orders

350-070-0130 Notice of Hearing

350-070-0140 Hearing

350-070-0150 Depositions

350-070-0160 Subpoenas

350-070-0170 Intervention

350-070-0190 Consolidation

350-070-0200 Extensions of Time

350-070-0210 Stays

350-070-0220 Final Order of Commission

350-070-0225 Dismissal by the Commission

350-070-0230 Reversal or Remand of Land Use Decisions

350-070-0240 Special Rules for Filing of Appeal After Expiration of Appeal Period



350-081-0010 Purposes and Applicability

350-081-0012 Affected Area

350-081-0014 Maps

350-081-0016 Review and Approval Required

350-081-0018 Uniform Application of Management Plan

350-081-0020 Definitions

350-081-0030 Standards for Applications

350-081-0032 Application for Review and Approval

350-081-0034 Pre-Application Conference

350-081-0036 Acceptance of Application

350-081-0038 Notice of Development Review

350-081-0040 Comment Period

350-081-0042 Decision of the Executive Director

350-081-0044 Expiration of Approvals

350-081-0046 Changes or Alterations to an Approved Action

350-081-0050 Development Eligible for Expedited Review

350-081-0052 Resource and Treaty Rights Protections Guidelines

350-081-0054 Procedures for Expedited Review Process

350-081-0060 Emergency/Disaster Response Actions

350-081-0070 Exempt Land Uses and Activities

350-081-0072 Prohibited Land Uses and Activities

350-081-0074 Uses Allowed Outright

350-081-0076 Agricultural Buffer Zones in the General Management Area

350-081-0078 Variances

350-081-0080 Applying New Less-Stringent Regulations to Development Approved Under Prior Scenic Area Regulations

350-081-0082 Existing Uses and Discontinued Uses

350-081-0084 Indian Tribal Treaty Rights and Consultation

350-081-0086 Buffers from Existing Recreation Sites

350-081-0090 Agricultural Buildings

350-081-0092 Temporary Use -- Hardship Dwelling

350-081-0094 Sewer and Water Services

350-081-0096 Docks and Boathouses

350-081-0098 Home Occupations and Cottage Industries

350-081-0100 Bed and Breakfast Inns

350-081-0102 Small-Scale Fishing Support and Fish Processing Operations

350-081-0104 Resource Enhancement Projects

350-081-0106 Disposal Sites for Spoil Materials from Public Road Maintenance Activities

350-081-0108 Commercial Events

350-081-0110 Columbia River Bridge Replacement

350-081-0112 Signs

350-081-0114 Special Uses in Historic Buildings

350-081-0120 Consolidation of Lots

350-081-0124 Land Divisions and Cluster Development

350-081-0126 Lot Line Adjustments

350-081-0170 Agricultural Land Designations

350-081-0180 Uses Allowed Outright -- Agricultural Land

350-081-0182 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Agricultural Land

350-081-0190 Review Uses -- Agricultural Land

350-081-0200 Review Uses with Additional Approval Criteria -- Large-Scale or Small-Scale Agriculture

350-081-0210 Approval Criteria for Life Estates -- Large-Scale or Small-Scale Agriculture Designations

350-081-0220 Approval Criteria for Specified Review Uses on Lands Designated Large-Scale or Small-Scale Agriculture

350-081-0230 Uses Allowed Outright for Lands Designated Agriculture-Special

350-081-0231 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Agriculture-Special

350-081-0232 Review Uses for Lands Designated Agriculture-Special

350-081-0234 Approval Criteria for Review Uses on Lands Designated Agriculture-Special

350-081-0236 Uses Prohibited on Lands Designated Agriculture-Special

350-081-0240 Range Conservation Plans

350-081-0250 Forest Land Designations

350-081-0260 Uses Allowed Outright -- Forest Land

350-081-0262 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Forest Land

350-081-0270 Review Uses -- Forest Land

350-081-0280 Review Uses with Additional Approval Criteria -- Commercial Forest Land, or Large or Small Woodland Designations

350-081-0290 Approval Criteria for Specified Review Uses on Lands Designated Commercial Forest Land or Large or Small Woodland

350-081-0300 Approval Criteria for Fire Protection in GMA Forest Designations

350-081-0310 Approval Criteria for Siting of Dwellings on Forest Land in the GMA

350-081-0320 Approval Criteria for Life Estates in Commercial Forest Land or Small or Large Woodland

350-081-0330 Open Space Designations

350-081-0335 Uses Allowed Outright -- Open Space

350-081-0338 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Open Space

350-081-0340 Review Uses -- Open Space

350-081-0350 Residential Land Designations

350-081-0360 Uses Allowed Outright -- Residential Land

350-081-0365 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Residential Land

350-081-0370 Review Uses -- Residential Land

350-081-0380 Review Uses with Additional Approval Criteria -- Residential Land

350-081-0390 Approval Criteria for Specified Review Uses on Lands Designated Residential

350-081-0400 Rural Center

350-081-0410 Uses Allowed Outright -- Rural Center

350-081-0415 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Rural Center

350-081-0420 Review Uses -- Rural Center

350-081-0430 Commercial Land

350-081-0440 Uses Allowed Outright -- Commercial Designations

350-081-0445 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Commercial Designations

350-081-0450 Review Uses -- Commercial Designations

350-081-0460 Approval Criteria for Review Uses on Lands Designated on Lands Designated Commercial

350-081-0470 Recreation

350-081-0480 Uses Allowed Outright -- Public Recreation and Commercial Recreation

350-081-0485 Uses Allowed through the Expedited Development Review Process -- Public Recreation and Commercial Recreation

350-081-0490 Review Uses -- Public Recreation and Commercial Recreation

350-081-0500 Approval Criteria for Non-Recreation Uses in GMA-Public Recreation Designations

350-081-0510 Approval Criteria for Non-Recreation Uses in GMA-Commercial Recreation Designations

350-081-0520 General Management Area Scenic Review Criteria

350-081-0530 Special Management Area Scenic Review Criteria

350-081-0540 General Management Area Cultural Resource Review Criteria

350-081-0550 Special Management Area Cultural Resource Review Criteria

350-081-0560 General Management Area Wetland Review Criteria

350-081-0570 General Management Area Stream, Pond, Lake and Riparian Area Review Criteria

350-081-0580 General Management Area Sensitive Wildlife Review Criteria

350-081-0590 General Management Areas Rare Plant Review Criteria

350-081-0600 Special Management Areas Natural Resource Review Criteria

350-081-0610 General Management Areas Recreation Resource Review Criteria

350-081-0620 Special Management Area Recreation Resource Review Criteria

350-081-0630 Notice of Application Requirements



350-120-0000 Purpose

350-120-0010 Authority

350-120-0015 Definitions

350-120-0020 Application for Certification.

350-120-0025 Certification Procedures

350-120-0030 Recommendation of the Director

350-120-0040 Review and Decision by Commission

350-120-0050 Expedited Certification

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