The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through October 15, 2015


Department of Consumer and Business Services

Workers' Compensation Division

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General Provisions

436-001-0003 Applicability and Purpose of these Rules

436-001-0004 Definitions

436-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedure For Rulemaking


436-001-0009 Notice of Division Rulemaking


436-001-0019 Requests for Hearing

436-001-0023 Other Filings and Submissions

436-001-0027 Timeliness; Calculation of Time

436-001-0030 Role of the Worker' Compensation Division

436-001-0170 Duties and Powers of the Administrative Law Judge

436-001-0225 Scope of Review/Limitations on the Record

436-001-0240 Exhibits and Evidence

436-001-0246 Proposed and Final Orders — Exceptions, Correction, Director Review

436-001-0252 Stay of Director and Administrative Review

436-001-0259 Ex Parte Communication

436-001-0296 Settlements and Dismissals

436-001-0400 General Provisions and Requirements for Attorney Fees Awarded by the Director

436-001-0410 Attorney Fees Awarded under ORS 656.385(1)

436-001-0420 Attorney Fees Awarded under ORS 656.262(11)

436-001-0430 Attorney Fees Awarded under ORS 656.262(12)

436-001-0440 Time Within Which Attorney Fees Must Be Paid



436-008-0001 Authority, Applicability, Purpose, and Administration of these Rules

436-008-0004 Adoption of Standards

436-008-0005 Definitions

436-008-0010 Electronic Medical Bills

436-008-0015 Electronic Medical Bill Attachments or Documentation

436-008-0020 Electronic Medical Bill Acknowledgements

436-008-0025 Electronic Medical Bill Payments

436-008-0030 Electronic Remittance Advice; Explanation of Benefits

436-008-0040 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-009-0001 Administration of These Rules

436-009-0004 Adoption of Standards

436-009-0005 Definitions

436-009-0008 Request for Review by the Director

436-009-0010 Medical Billing and Payment

436-009-0018 Discounts and Contracts

436-009-0020 Hospital Fees

436-009-0023 Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

436-009-0025 Worker Reimbursement

436-009-0030 Insurer's Duties and Responsibilities

436-009-0035 Interim Medical Benefits

436-009-0040 Fee Schedule

436-009-0060 Oregon Specific Codes

436-009-0080 Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS)

436-009-0090 Pharmaceutical

Interpreter Billing Procedures

436-009-0110 Interpreters

Ambulatory Surgery Centers — Payment Calculations
Sanctions and Civil Penalties

436-009-0998 Sanctions and Civil Penalties



436-010-0001 Administration of These Rules

436-010-0005 Definitions

436-010-0008 Request for Review before the Director

436-010-0200 Medical Advisory Committee

436-010-0210 Attending Physician, Authorized Nurse Practitioner, and Time-Loss Authorization

436-010-0220 Choosing and Changing Medical Providers

436-010-0225 Choosing a Person to Provide Interpreter Services

436-010-0230 Medical Services and Treatment Guidelines

436-010-0240 Medical Records and Reporting Requirements for Medical Providers

436-010-0241 Form 827, Worker’s and Health Care Provider’s Report for Workers’ Compensation Claims

436-010-0250 Elective Surgery

436-010-0265 Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) and Worker Requested Medical Exams (WRMEs)

436-010-0270 Insurer’s Rights and Duties

436-010-0280 Determination of Impairment/Closing Exams

436-010-0290 Medical Care After Medically Stationary

436-010-0300 Requesting Exclusion of Medical Treatment from Compensability

436-010-0330 Medical Arbiters and Physician Reviewers

436-010-0335 Monitoring and Auditing Medical Providers

436-010-0340 Sanctions and Civil Penalties



436-015-0001 Authority for Rules

436-015-0002 Purpose

436-015-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-015-0005 Definitions

436-015-0006 Administration of Rules

436-015-0007 Entities Allowed to Manage Care

436-015-0008 Administrative Review

436-015-0009 Formed/Owned/Operated

436-015-0010 Notice of Intent to Form

436-015-0030 Applying for Certification

436-015-0035 Coverage Responsibility of a MCO

436-015-0040 Reporting Requirements for an MCO

436-015-0050 Notice of Place of Business in State; Records MCO Must Keep in Oregon

436-015-0060 Commencement/Termination of Members

436-015-0070 Primary Care Physicians and Authorized Nurse Practitioners Who Are Not MCO Members

436-015-0075 Worker Examinations

436-015-0080 Suspension; Revocation

436-015-0090 Charges and Fees

436-015-0095 Insurer's Rights and Duties

436-015-0100 Monitoring/Auditing

436-015-0110 Dispute Resolution/Complaints of Rule Violation

436-015-0120 Sanctions and Civil Penalties

436-015-0130 Service of Orders



436-030-0001 Authority for Rules

436-030-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-030-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-030-0005 Definitions

436-030-0007 Administrative Review

436-030-0015 Insurer Responsibility

436-030-0017 Requests for Claim Closure by the Worker

436-030-0020 Requirements for Claim Closure

436-030-0023 Correcting and Rescinding Notices of Closure

436-030-0034 Administrative Claim Closure

436-030-0035 Determining Medically Stationary Status

436-030-0036 Determining Temporary Disability

436-030-0038 Permanent Partial Disability

436-030-0055 Determining Permanent Total Disability

436-030-0065 Review of Permanent Total Disability Awards

436-030-0066 Review of Prior Permanent Partial Disability Awards

436-030-0115 Reconsideration of Notices of Closure

436-030-0125 Reconsideration Form and Format

436-030-0135 Reconsideration Procedure

436-030-0145 Reconsideration Time Frames and Postponements

436-030-0155 Reconsideration Record

436-030-0165 Medical Arbiter Examination Process

436-030-0175 Fees and Penalties Within the Reconsideration Proceeding

436-030-0185 Reconsideration: Settlements and Withdrawals

436-030-0575 Audits

436-030-0580 Penalties and Sanctions



436-035-0001 Authority for Rules

436-035-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-035-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-035-0005 Definitions

436-035-0006 Determination of Benefits for Disability Caused by the Compensable Injury

436-035-0007 General Principles

436-035-0008 Calculating Disability Benefits (Dates of Injury prior to 1/1/2005)

436-035-0009 Calculating Disability Benefits (Date of Injury on or after 1/1/2005)

436-035-0011 Determining Percent of Impairment

436-035-0012 Social-Vocational Factors (Age/Education/Adaptability) and the Calculation of Work Disability

436-035-0013 Findings of Impairment

436-035-0014 Preexisting Conditions and Combined Conditions

436-035-0015 Offsetting Prior Awards

436-035-0016 Reopened Claim for Aggravation/Worsening

436-035-0017 Authorized Training Program (ATP)

436-035-0018 Death

436-035-0019 Chronic Condition

436-035-0020 Parts of the Upper Extremities

436-035-0030 Amputations in the Upper Extremities

436-035-0040 Loss of Opposition in Thumb/Finger Amputation

436-035-0050 Thumb

436-035-0060 Finger

436-035-0070 Conversion of Thumb/Finger Values to Hand Value

436-035-0075 Hand

436-035-0080 Wrist

436-035-0090 Conversion of Hand/Forearm Values to Arm Value

436-035-0100 Arm

436-035-0110 Other Upper Extremity Findings

436-035-0115 Conversion of Upper Extremity Values to Whole Person Values

436-035-0130 Parts of the Lower Extremities

436-035-0140 Amputations in the Lower Extremities

436-035-0150 Great Toe

436-035-0160 Second through Fifth Toes

436-035-0180 Conversion of Toe Values to Foot Value

436-035-0190 Foot

436-035-0210 Conversion of Foot Value to Leg Value

436-035-0220 Leg

436-035-0230 Other Lower Extremity Findings

436-035-0235 Conversion of Lower Extremity Values to Whole Person Values

436-035-0250 Hearing Loss

436-035-0260 Visual Loss

436-035-0330 Shoulder Joint

436-035-0340 Hip

436-035-0350 General Spinal Findings

436-035-0255 Conversion of Hearing Loss Values to Whole Person Values

436-035-0360 Spinal Ranges of Motion

436-035-0265 Conversion of Vision Loss Values to Whole Person Values

436-035-0370 Pelvis

436-035-0375 Abdomen

436-035-0380 Cardiovascular System

436-035-0385 Respiratory System

436-035-0390 Cranial Nerves/Brain

436-035-0395 Spinal Cord

436-035-0400 Mental Illness

436-035-0410 Hematopoietic System

436-035-0420 Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Systems

436-035-0430 Endocrine System

436-035-0440 Integument and Lacrimal System

436-035-0450 Immune System

436-035-0500 Rating Standard for Individual Claims



436-040-0001 Authority for Rules

436-040-0002 Purpose

436-040-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-040-0005 Definitions

436-040-0006 Administration of Rules

436-040-0008 Administrative Review

436-040-0010 Criteria for Eligibility

436-040-0020 Limitation of Program

436-040-0030 Application for Determination of Relief From the Handicapped Workers Reserve

436-040-0040 Eligibility Determination

436-040-0050 Reimbursement

436-040-0060 Effects on Rates; Reporting

436-040-0070 Settlements

436-040-0080 Third Party Recoveries

436-040-0090 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-045-0001 Authority for Rules

436-045-0002 Purpose

436-045-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-045-0005 Definitions

436-045-0006 Administration of Rules

436-045-0008 Administrative Review

436-045-0010 Criteria for Eligibility

436-045-0020 Limitation of Program

436-045-0025 Dispositions

436-045-0030 Reimbursement



436-050-0001 Authority for Rules

436-050-0002 Purpose

436-050-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-050-0005 Definitions

436-050-0006 Administration of Rules

436-050-0008 Administrative Review and Contested Cases

436-050-0015 Suspension and Revocation of Authorization to Issue Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policies

436-050-0025 Service of the Notice of Civil Penalty Orders

436-050-0040 Responsibility for Providing Coverage When a Contract is Awarded

436-050-0045 Non-Subject Workers

436-050-0050 Corporate Officers, Partnerships; Limited Liability Company Members; Subjectivity

436-050-0055 Extraterritorial Coverage

436-050-0060 Transition from Guaranty Contract Filings to Policy-Based Proof of Coverages

436-050-0110 Notice of Insurer's Place of Business in State; Coverage Records Insurer Must Keep in Oregon

436-050-0120 Records Insurers Must Keep in Oregon; Removal and Disposition

436-050-0150 Qualification of a Self-Insured Employer

436-050-0160 Applying for Certification as a Self-Insured Employer

436-050-0165 Security Deposit Requirements

436-050-0170 Excess Insurance Requirements

436-050-0175 Annual Reporting Requirements

436-050-0180 Determination of Amount of Self-Insured Employer's Deposit; Effective Date of Order to Increase Deposit

436-050-0185 Deposit Exemption for Self-Insured Cities and Counties, Qualifications, Application Procedures, Conditions and Requirements, Revocation and Requalification

436-050-0190 Using Self-Insured Employers Security Deposit/Self-Insured Employers Adjustment Reserve/Self-Insured Employer Group Adjustment Reserve

436-050-0195 Requirements for Self-Insured Entity Changes

436-050-0200 Self-Insured Certification Cancellation; Revocation

436-050-0205 Notice of Self-Insurer's Personal Elections

436-050-0210 Notice of Self-Insurer's Place of Business in State; Records Self-Insured Must Keep in Oregon

436-050-0220 Records Self-Insured Employer Must Keep in Oregon; Period to be Retained, Removal and Disposition

436-050-0230 Out-of-State Recordkeeping and Claims Processing by Self-Insured Employer; Conditions and Procedure for Permit; Revocation

436-050-0260 Qualifications as a Self-Insured Employer Group

436-050-0270 Applying for Certification as a Self-Insured Employer Group: Private Employers

436-050-0280 Applying for Certification as a Self-Insured Employer Group: Governmental Subdivisions

436-050-0290 Commencement/Termination of Employers with a Self-Insured Employer Group; Effect on Net Worth; Extension of Coverage; Change in Entity; Change of Address; Recordkeeping

436-050-0300 Self-Insured Employer Group, Common Claims Fund

436-050-0340 Group Self-Insurance Revocation

436-050-0400 Responsibility for Providing Coverage Under a Lease Arrangement

436-050-0410 Notice to Director of Lease Arrangement; Termination

436-050-0420 Temporary Worker Distinguished from Leased Worker

436-050-0440 Qualifications, Applications, and Renewals for License as a Worker-Leasing Company

436-050-0450 Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

436-050-0455 Reporting Requirements of a Self-Insured Worker-Leasing Company

436-050-0460 Disqualification, Suspension, Revocation of License

436-050-0470 Monitoring/Auditing

436-050-0480 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-055-0001 Authority for Rules

436-055-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-055-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-055-0005 Definitions

436-055-0008 Administrative Review

436-055-0070 Certification of Claims Examiners

436-055-0085 Training for Interactions with Independent Medical Examination Providers

436-055-0100 Insurer Duties

436-055-0110 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-060-0001 Authority for Rules

436-060-0002 Purpose

436-060-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-060-0005 Definitions

436-060-0006 Administrative Review

436-060-0008 Administrative Review and Contested Cases

436-060-0009 Access to Department of Consumer and Business Services Workers' Compensation Claim File Records

436-060-0010 Reporting Requirements

436-060-0012 Notices and Correspondence Following the Death of a Worker

436-060-0015 Required Notice and Information

436-060-0017 Release of Claim Document

436-060-0018 Nondisabling/Disabling Reclassification

436-060-0019 Determining and Paying the Three Day Waiting Period

436-060-0020 Payment of Temporary Total Disability Compensation

436-060-0025 Rate of Temporary Disability Compensation

436-060-0030 Payment of Temporary Partial Disability Compensation

436-060-0035 Supplemental Disability for Workers with Multiple Jobs at the Time of Injury

436-060-0040 Payment of Permanent Partial Disability Compensation

436-060-0045 Payment of Compensation During Worker Incarceration

436-060-0055 Payment of Medical Services on Nondisabling Claims; Employer/Insurer Responsibility

436-060-0060 Lump Sum Payment of Permanent Partial Disability Awards

436-060-0095 Medical Examinations; Suspension of Compensation; and Insurer Medical Examination Notice

436-060-0105 Suspension of Compensation for Insanitary or Injurious Practices, Refusal of Treatment or Failure to Participate in Rehabilitation; Reduction of Benefits

436-060-0135 Injured Worker, Worker Representative Responsible to Assist in Investigation; Suspension of Compensation and Notice to Worker

436-060-0137 Vocational Evaluations; and Suspension of Compensation

436-060-0140 Acceptance or Denial of a Claim

436-060-0147 Worker Requested Medical Examination

436-060-0150 Timely Payment of Compensation

436-060-0153 Electronic Payment of Compensation

436-060-0155 Penalty to Worker for Untimely Processing

436-060-0160 Use of Sight Draft to Pay Compensation Prohibited

436-060-0170 Recovery of Overpayment of Benefits

436-060-0180 Designation and Responsibility of a Paying Agent

436-060-0190 Monetary Adjustments Among Parties and Department of Consumer and Business Services

436-060-0195 Miscellaneous Monetary Adjustments Among Insurers

436-060-0200 Assessment of Civil Penalties

436-060-0400 Penalty and Attorney Fee for Untimely Payment of Disputed Claims Settlement

436-060-0500 Reimbursement of Supplemental Disability for Workers with Multiple Jobs at the Time of Injury

436-060-0510 Reimbursement of Permanent Total Disability Benefits from the Workers' Benefit Fund



436-070-0001 Authority for Rules

436-070-0002 Purpose

436-070-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-070-0005 Definitions

436-070-0008 Administrative Review

436-070-0010 Assessment Rate: Method and Manner of Determining

436-070-0020 Assessments: Manner and Intervals for Payment

436-070-0040 Monitoring/Auditing

436-070-0050 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-075-0001 Authority for Rules

436-075-0002 Purpose

436-075-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-075-0005 Definitions

436-075-0006 Administration of Rules

436-075-0008 Administrative Review

436-075-0010 Criteria for Eligibility

436-075-0020 Death Benefits

436-075-0030 Permanent Total Disability Benefit

436-075-0040 Death During Permanent Total Disability

436-075-0050 Temporary Total Disability

436-075-0065 Dispositions

436-075-0070 Reimbursement

436-075-0090 Third Party Recovery

436-075-0100 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-080-0001 Authority for Rules

436-080-0002 Purpose

436-080-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-080-0005 Definitions

436-080-0006 Administration of Rules

436-080-0010 Initiation of Proceedings; Issuance of Noncomplying Employer Order

436-080-0020 When a Hearing on the Order is Not Requested

436-080-0030 When a Hearing on the Order is Requested

436-080-0040 Assessment of Civil Penalties Against Noncomplying Employer; Hearing on Proposed Assessment

436-080-0060 When a Worker Files a Claim for an Injury

436-080-0065 Determination of Assigned Claims Agent

436-080-0070 Reimbursement of Assigned Claims Agent for Claims Costs for Injured Workers' of Noncomplying Employers

436-080-0080 Collection of Subject Worker's Payment



436-085-0001 Authority for Rules

436-085-0002 Purpose

436-085-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-085-0005 Definitions

436-085-0008 Administrative Review

436-085-0025 Premium Assessment; Manner and Intervals for Payments: Insurers

436-085-0030 Premium Assessment; Manner and Intervals for Payments: Self-Insured Employers and Self-Insured Employer Groups

436-085-0035 Audits

436-085-0060 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-100-0001 Authority for Rules

436-100-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-100-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-100-0005 Definitions

436-100-0006 Administration of Rules

436-100-0008 Administrative Review

436-100-0010 Criteria for Eligibility

436-100-0020 Requirements of Workers

436-100-0030 Authorization of Offset; Effective Date

436-100-0040 Sanctions Against Worker for Failure to Cooperate with the Department



436-105-0001 Authority for Rules

436-105-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-105-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-105-0005 Definitions

436-105-0006 Administration of Rules

436-105-0008 Reconsideration/Appeal to the Director

436-105-0500 Insurer Participation in the Employer-At-Injury Program

436-105-0510 Employer Eligibility

436-105-0511 Worker Eligibility

436-105-0512 End of Eligibility

436-105-0520 Assistance Available from the Employer-at-Injury Program

436-105-0530 Employer-at-Injury Program Procedures for Concurrent Injuries

436-105-0540 Employer-at-Injury Program Reimbursement Procedures

436-105-0550 Audits

436-105-0560 Sanctions



436-110-0001 Authority for Rules

436-110-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-110-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-110-0005 Definitions

436-110-0006 Administration of Rules

436-110-0007 Reconsideration/Appeal to the Director

436-110-0150 Pilot Projects

436-110-0240 Insurer Participation in the Preferred Worker Program

436-110-0290 Employer at Injury Use of the Preferred Worker Program

436-110-0310 Eligibility and End of Eligibility for the Preferred Worker Program

436-110-0320 Preferred Worker Identification Card

436-110-0325 Premium Exemption General Provisions

436-110-0330 Claim Cost Reimbursement

436-110-0335 Wage Subsidy General Provisions

436-110-0336 Wage Subsidy -- Employer at Injury Activated

436-110-0337 Wage Subsidy -- Worker Activated

436-110-0345 Employment Purchases -- General Provisions

436-110-0346 Employment Purchases -- Employer at Injury Activated

436-110-0347 Employment Purchases -- Worker Activated

436-110-0350 Worksite Modification -- General Provisions

436-110-0351 Worksite Modification -- Employer at Injury Activated

436-110-0352 Worksite Modification -- Worker Activated

436-110-0850 Audits

436-110-0900 Sanctions



436-120-0001 Authority for Rules

436-120-0002 Purpose of Rules

436-120-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-120-0005 Definitions

436-120-0006 Administration of Rules

436-120-0007 Establishing the Adjusted Weekly Wage to Determine Suitable Wage

436-120-0008 Administrative Review and Contested Cases

436-120-0012 General Requirements For Notices and Warnings

436-120-0014 Notification of Employment and Reinstatement Rights and Responsibilities

436-120-0016 Warning Letters

436-120-0017 Types of Notices

436-120-0018 Postponement Notices

436-120-0115 Conditions Requiring Completion of a Vocational Eligibility Evaluation

436-120-0125 Conditions for Postponement of the Vocational Eligibility Evaluation

436-120-0135 General Requirements and Timeframes for Vocational Eligibility Evaluations

436-120-0145 Vocational Assistance Eligibility Criteria

436-120-0155 Deferral and Completion of an Eligibility Evaluation When the Employer Activates Preferred Worker Program Benefits

436-120-0165 End of Eligibility for Vocational Assistance

436-120-0175 Redetermining Eligibility for Vocational Assistance

436-120-0185 Choosing a Vocational Assistance Provider

436-120-0340 Determining Substantial Handicap

436-120-0400 Selection of Category of Vocational Assistance

436-120-0410 Vocational Evaluation

436-120-0430 Direct Employment

436-120-0443 Training

436-120-0445 Training Requirements

436-120-0448 Reevaluating a Training Plan

436-120-0449 Ending and Reevaluating a Training Plan

436-120-0451 Ending a Training Plan

436-120-0455 Optional Services

436-120-0500 Return-to-Work Plans: Development and Implementation

436-120-0510 Return-to-Work Plan Support

436-120-0520 Return-to-Work Plan: Responsibilities of the Eligible Worker and the Vocational Assistance Provider

436-120-0530 Return-to-Work Plan Review

436-120-0700 Direct Worker Purchases

436-120-0710 Direct Worker Purchases: Kinds

436-120-0720 Fee Schedule and Conditions for Payment of Vocational Assistance Costs

436-120-0755 Reimbursement of Vocational Assistance Costs from the Workers’ Benefit Fund

436-120-0800 Registration of Vocational Assistance Providers

436-120-0810 Certification of Individuals

436-120-0820 Renewal of Certification

436-120-0830 Certification of Vocational Assistance Staff:

436-120-0840 Professional Standards for Authorized Vocational Assistance Providers and Certified Individuals

436-120-0900 Audits, Penalties and Sanctions

436-120-0915 Sanctions of Registered Vocational Assistance Providers and Certified Individuals



436-140-0001 Authority for Rules

436-140-0002 Purpose

436-140-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-140-0005 Definitions

436-140-0006 Administration of Rules

436-140-0008 Administrative Review

436-140-0010 Qualifying

436-140-0020 Alternative Dispute Resolution

436-140-0030 Medical Services

436-140-0040 Compensation

436-140-0045 Multiple Claims; Expiration or Termination of Collective Bargaining Agreement; Responsibility

436-140-0050 Duties and Responsibilities of Employer

436-140-0060 Insurer Duties and Responsibilities

436-140-0070 Reporting Requirements

436-140-0090 Suspension or Revocation

436-140-0100 Monitoring/Auditing

436-140-0120 Sanctions and Civil Penalties; Rule Violations

436-140-0130 Service of Orders



436-150-0001 Authority for Rules

436-150-0002 Purpose

436-150-0003 Applicability of Rules

436-150-0005 Definitions

436-150-0006 Administration of Rules

436-150-0008 Administrative Review

436-150-0010 Criteria for Eligibility

436-150-0020 Limitation of Program

436-150-0030 Payment of Benefits

436-150-0040 Accounting and Repayment of Payment of Benefits



436-160-0001 Authority for Rules

Electronic Data Interchange

436-160-0004 Adoption of Standards

436-160-0005 General Definitions

436-160-0040 Recognized Received Date

436-160-0060 Testing Procedures and Requirements

Insurers’ Obligation to Report Medical Bill Data

436-160-0405 Insurers’ Reporting Responsibilities

436-160-0410 Medical Bill Electronic Filing Requirements

436-160-0415 Oregon ASC X12 837 Medical Bill Data Reporting Requirements

436-160-0420 Medical Bill Acknowledgement

436-160-0430 Medical Bill Data Changes

436-160-0440 Monitoring and Auditing Insurers

436-160-0445 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-162-0001 Authority, Applicability, Administration, and Purpose of these Rules

436-162-0004 Adoption of Standards

436-162-0005 General Definitions

436-162-0030 Retention of Electronic Records

436-162-0035 General Filing Information

436-162-0038 Acknowledgement

436-162-0040 Recognized Filing Date

436-162-0310 Electronic Filing Requirements

436-162-0335 Testing Procedures and Transaction Accuracy Standards

436-162-0340 Changes or Corrections

436-162-0370 Proof of Coverage Terminations

436-162-0380 Cancellation of Coverage by the Employer

436-162-0400 Monitoring and Auditing Insurers

436-162-0440 Assessment of Civil Penalties



436-170-0002 Purpose of Rule

436-170-0100 Statutory Context

436-170-0200 Direction and Control Test

436-170-0300 Application of "Direction and Control" Test in Construction and Landscape Industries

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