The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Department of Consumer and Business Services

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

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437-001-0001 Model Rules of Procedure

437-001-0002 Notice to Interested Persons of Rulemaking

General Information

437-001-0005 Authority and Applicability of Rules

437-001-0010 Purpose and Scope of Rules

437-001-0015 Definitions

437-001-0020 Authority to Administer

437-001-0025 Liberal Construction

437-001-0030 Use of Gender and Number

437-001-0035 Occupational Safety and Health Rules

437-001-0045 Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Rules

437-001-0047 Voluntary Compliance Program, General

437-001-0050 Enforcement Program, General

437-001-0053 Preserving Physical Evidence at the Scene of an Accident


437-001-0055 Priority of Inspections

437-001-0057 Scheduling Inspections

437-001-0060 Advance Notice

437-001-0065 Right of Entry

437-001-0070 Inspection Warrants

437-001-0075 Opening Conference

437-001-0080 Inspection Without Employer or Employer Representative

437-001-0085 Employee Representation on Inspection Team

437-001-0090 Inspection Procedures

437-001-0096 Red Warning Notice

437-001-0099 Closing Conference

Violations and Penalties

437-001-0135 Evaluation of Probability to Establish Penalties

437-001-0140 Evaluation of Severity to Establish Penalties

437-001-0145 Penalty for Other than Serious or Serious Violation

437-001-0155 Determination of Penalty -- Failure to Correct

437-001-0160 Penalty Criteria -- Repeat Violation

437-001-0165 Determination of Penalty -- Repeat Violation

437-001-0170 Determination of Penalty -- Failure to Report an Occupational Fatality, Catastrophe, or Accident

437-001-0171 Determination of Penalty -- Failure to Register a Farm Labor Camp/Facility

437-001-0175 Determination of Penalty -- Willful or Egregious Violation

437-001-0176 Determination of Penalty -- Failure to Notify Employees of Advance Notice

437-001-0180 Determination of Penalty -- Relating to Red Warning Notice

437-001-0201 Determination of Penalty -- Relating to Field Sanitation

437-001-0203 Determination of Penalty -- Relating to Violations Which Have No Probability and Severity.

Citations and Correction

437-001-0205 Citation and Notice of Penalty

437-001-0215 Employer Response to Citation and Notice of Penalty

437-001-0220 Payment of Penalties

437-001-0225 Penalty for Falsification

437-001-0230 Correction of Violation

437-001-0231 Abatement Verification

437-001-0235 Failure to Correct Violation

437-001-0240 Extension of Correction Date -- Application

437-001-0245 Extension of Correction Date -- Decision

437-001-0250 Extension of Correction Date -- Revocation

437-001-0251 Extension of Correction Date -- Hearing on the Application

Informal Conferences

437-001-0255 Requesting an Appeal and an Informal Conference

437-001-0265 Amendment, Reissue or Withdrawal of Citation

437-001-0270 Discretion To Prevent a Manifest Injustice


437-001-0275 Posting Requirements

437-001-0280 Posting on Selected Multi-Employer Jobsites


437-001-0285 Form and Content of a Complaint

437-001-0290 Division Action on Complaints

437-001-0295 Discrimination Complaint


437-001-0400 Application for a Variance

437-001-0405 Interim Order Relating to a Variance

437-001-0410 Administrative Action on Variance Application

437-001-0411 Hearings for Variance Applications

437-001-0415 Criteria for Variance Approval.

437-001-0420 Decision on Variance Request

437-001-0425 Employer's Duty to Meet Variance Terms

437-001-0430 Modification or Revocation of a Variance

437-001-0435 Effect of a Variance Granted by the U.S. Secretary of Labor

Consultative Services for Public and Private Sector Employers

437-001-0450 Voluntary Compliance Consultative Services

437-001-0455 Application for Consultative Services

437-001-0460 Consultation

Recordkeeping and Reporting

437-001-0700 Recordkeeping and Reporting

437-001-0704 Reporting Fatalities and Injuries to Oregon OSHA

437-001-0706 Recordkeeping for Health Care Assaults

437-001-0740 Falsification or Failure to Keep and Post Records or Make Reports

437-001-0742 Recordkeeping Variances and Exceptions

437-001-0760 Rules for All Workplaces

437-001-0765 Safety Committees and Safety Meetings.

Occupational Safety and Health Grant Program

437-001-0800 Application Procedures

437-001-0805 Application Review

437-001-0810 Grant Awards

437-001-0830 Authority for Rules

437-001-0835 Purpose of Rules

437-001-0840 Applicability of Rules

437-001-0845 Definitions

437-001-0850 Administration of Rules

437-001-0855 Assistance Available Under the Worksite Redesign Program

437-001-0860 Eligibility for Worksite Redesign Assistance

437-001-0865 Procedure to Use the Worksite Redesign Program

437-001-0870 Application Review

437-001-0875 Grant Awards

437-001-0880 Program Evaluation

437-001-0885 Audits

437-001-0890 Sanctions

437-001-0895 Issuance/Service of Sanction Orders

Rules for the Administration of Loss Prevention Activities by Insurers/Self-Insured Employers


437-001-1005 Authority and Applicability of Rules

437-001-1010 Purpose and Scope

437-001-1015 Definitions

437-001-1020 General Requirements

Insurers' Programs

437-001-1025 Notification of Services

437-001-1030 Requests for Services

437-001-1035 Loss Prevention Services

437-001-1040 Required Loss Prevention Services

Self-Insured and Group Self-Insured Employers' Programs

437-001-1050 Self-Insured and Group Self-Insured Employer Loss Prevention Assistance

437-001-1055 Self-Insured and Group Self-Insured Employer Loss Prevention Programs

437-001-1060 Self-Insured and Group Self-Insured Employer Loss Prevention Effort

Assessment of Civil Penalties

437-001-1065 Penalty Provisions for Insurers



437-002-0005 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0006 General Oregon Definitions

437-002-0007 Testing and CertificationAdoption and Extension of Established Federal Standards

437-002-0010 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0015 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0020 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0022 Additional Oregon General Requirements

437-002-0023 Covers for Holes

437-002-0026 Portable Ladders

437-002-0027 Fixed Ladders

437-002-0028 Guardrails and Toeboards

437-002-0030 Floors

437-002-0031 Provisions for Window Cleaners

437-002-0032 Ramps and Runways

437-002-0033 Piers and Wharves

437-002-0040 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0041 Exits and Exit Routes

437-002-0042 Emergency Action Plan

437-002-0043 Fire Prevention Plan

437-002-0047 Working Near Overhead High Voltage Lines and Equipment

437-002-0060 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0072 Manually Propelled Elevating Aerial Platforms.

437-002-0074 Scissor Lifts — Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms.

437-002-0076 Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms.

437-002-0080 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0081 Oregon Ventilation Regulations

437-002-0095 Audiometric Testing in Oregon

437-002-0098 Additional Applicability

437-002-0100 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0101 Oregon Start-Up Dates

437-002-0107 Spray Finishing

437-002-0109 Explosives and Blasting Agents

437-002-0118 Oregon Rules for Reinforced Plastics Manufacturing

437-002-0119 Oregon Effective Dates

437-002-0120 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0122 Dipping and Coating

437-002-0134 Personal Protective Equipment

437-002-0138 Additional Oregon Rule for Electrical Protective Equipment

437-002-0139 Working Underway on Water

437-002-0140 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0141 Additional Oregon Sanitation Requirements

437-002-0142 Labor Camps

437-002-0144 Additional Oregon Rules for General Environmental Controls

437-002-0145 Additional Oregon Rules for Accident Prevention and Tags.

437-002-0146 Confined Spaces

437-002-0154 Individual Locks

437-002-0161 Medical Services and First Aid

437-002-0170 Worker Protection Standard

437-002-0180 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0182 Oregon Rules for Firefighters.

437-002-0187 Portable Fire Extinguishers

437-002-0200 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0210 Additional Oregon Rules for Compressed Air and Compressed Gas Equipment

437-002-0220 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0221 Additional Oregon Rules for Handling Materials

437-002-0223 Oregon Rules for Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

437-002-0227 Additional Oregon Rules for Powered Industrial Trucks

437-002-0228 Oregon General Requirements for Cranes

437-002-0229 Additional Oregon Rules for Overhead and Gantry Cranes

437-002-0230 Additional Oregon Rule for Crawler, Locomotive and Truck Cranes

437-002-0232 Additional Oregon Rule for Derricks

437-002-0233 Oregon Rules for Hammerhead Cranes

437-002-0235 Additional Oregon Rule for Slings

437-002-0240 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0242 Oregon Rules for Machinery and Machine Guarding

437-002-0256 Stationary Compactors, Self-Contained Compactors, and Balers

437-002-0260 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0262 Additional Definitions in Oregon

437-002-0264 Additional General Requirements for Hand Tools

437-002-0266 Additional Oregon Rules for Guarding Portable Powered Tool

437-002-0268 Oregon Rules for Hand-Powered Equipment

437-002-0280 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0282 Job Planning and Layout

437-002-0283 Eye Protection and Protective Clothing

437-002-0284 Specifications for Protectors

437-002-0285 Special Precautions

437-002-0286 Preservative Coatings

437-002-0287 Toxic Preservative Coatings

437-002-0288 Health Protection and Ventilation — General

437-002-0297 Welding or Cutting Containers

437-002-0298 Self-Contained Units

437-002-0300 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0301 Scope and Application

437-002-0302 Definitions

437-002-0303 Training and Work Planning

437-002-0304 First Aid Requirements

437-002-0305 Traffic Control

437-002-0306 Electrical Hazards

437-002-0307 Personal Protective Equipment

437-002-0308 Portable Power Tools

437-002-0309 Hand Tools

437-002-0310 Work Procedures

437-002-0311 Mobile Equipment

437-002-0312 Oregon Rules for Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills

437-002-0313 Additional Oregon Rules for Sawmills

437-002-0314 Veneer and Plywood Machinery

437-002-0315 Shake and Shingle Machinery

437-002-0316 Oregon Rules for Telecommunications

437-002-0317 Additional Oregon Rules for Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

437-002-0320 Adoption by Reference.

437-002-0340 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0342 Additional Oregon Definition

437-002-0345 Inland Emergency Aid

437-002-0355 Air Supply Systems (Compressed Gases and Air)

437-002-0360 Adoption by Reference

437-002-0363 Oregon Amendment

437-002-0364 Oregon Rules for MOCA (4,4'-Methylene Bis (2-chloroaniline))

437-002-0368 Deterioration

437-002-0371 Scope and Application

437-002-0373 Oregon Rules for Thiram

437-002-0377 Additional Oregon Rules for Hazard Communication

437-002-0378 Oregon Rules for Pipe Labelling

437-002-0382 Oregon Rules for Air Contaminants

437-002-0390 Oregon Effective Dates

437-002-0391 Additional Oregon Rules for Carcinogens in Laboratories

437-002-1001 Asbestos Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1017 Vinyl Chloride Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1018 Inorganic Arsenic Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1025 Lead Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1027 Cadmium Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1028 Benzene Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1029 Coke Oven Emissions Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1030 Additional Oregon Rules for Bloodborne Pathogens

437-002-1035 Oregon Rule for Sharps Injury Log

437-002-1043 Cotton Dust Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1044 1,2-Dibromo-3-Chloropropane Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1045 Acrylonitrile Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1047 Ethylene Oxide Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1048 Formaldehyde Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1050 Methylenedianiline Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1051 1,3-Butadiene Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1052 Methylene Chloride Respiratory Protection Program

437-002-1053 Scope and Application

437-002-1054 Definitions

437-002-1055 Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)

437-002-1056 Exposure Assessment

437-002-1057 Specified Exposure Control Methods

437-002-1058 Regulated and Restricted Access Areas

437-002-1059 Methods of Compliance

437-002-1060 Respiratory Protection

437-002-1061 Housekeeping

437-002-1062 Medical Surveillance

437-002-1063 Communication of Respirable Crystalline Silica Hazards to Employees

437-002-1064 Recordkeeping

437-002-1065 Dates

437-002-1139 Working Over or In Water

437-002-2101 Compressed Gases (General Requirements)

437-002-2102 Acetylene

437-002-2224 Vehicle Drivers and Riders

437-002-2225 Vehicles for Highway and Road Operation Characteristics and Maintenance

437-002-2226 Vehicles for Use on Property Other Than Public Roads and Highways Operation, Characteristics and Maintenance

437-002-2253 Oxygen-fuel Gas Welding and Cutting

437-002-2300 General

437-002-2301 Medical Services and First Aid

437-002-2302 Job Briefing

437-002-2303 Hazardous Energy Control Procedures

437-002-2304 Enclosed Spaces

437-002-2305 Excavations

437-002-2306 Personal Protective Equipment

437-002-2307 Portable Ladders and Platforms

437-002-2308 Hand and Portable Power Equipment

437-002-2309 Live-line Tools

437-002-2310 Materials Handling and Storage

437-002-2311 Working On or Near Exposed Energized Parts

437-002-2312 Deenergizing Lines and Equipment for Employee Protection

437-002-2313 Grounding for the Protection of Employees

437-002-2314 Testing and Test Facilities

437-002-2315 Mechanical Equipment

437-002-2316 Overhead Lines

437-002-2317 Line-clearance Tree Trimming

437-002-2318 Communication Facilities

437-002-2319 Underground Electrical Installations

437-002-2320 Substations

437-002-2321 Power Generation Installations

437-002-2322 Special Conditions

437-002-2323 Helicopters

437-002-2324 Definitions



437-003-0001 Adoption by Reference

437-003-0003 Purpose

437-003-0005 Additional Applicability

437-003-0006 General Oregon Definitions

437-003-0007 Additional Rules of Practice for Administrative Adjudications

437-003-0011 Additional Definitions


437-003-0015 Drinking Water

437-003-0017 Additional Definitions to Concrete and Masonry Construction

437-003-0020 Toilets

Occupational Noise Exposure

437-003-0027 Applicable Rules

Asbestos, Tremolite, Anthophyllite and Actinolite

Hazard Communication

437-003-0035 Additional Rules

Respiratory Protection

437-003-0037 Acceptable Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

437-003-0045 Additional Definitions

Electrical -- Safety-Related Work Practices

437-003-0047 Proximity to Overhead High Voltage Lines and Equipment


437-003-0062 Lead Respiratory Protection Program

437-003-0065 Extension Ladders


437-003-0071 Manually Propelled Elevating Aerial Platforms

437-003-0073 Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms

437-003-0074 Scissor Lifts -- Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms

Cranes and Derricks

437-003-0080 Wind Velocity Device

Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors

437-003-0081 Crane Operator Training Requirements


437-003-0085 General Requirement

437-003-0090 Pinchpoints

437-003-0093 Exemption

437-003-0094 Personnel Platforms

Specific Excavation Requirements

437-003-0096 Underground Installations

Two-Worker Rules

437-003-0134 Personal Protective Equipment

Hot Line (or Live Line) Tools

437-003-0404 Branch Circuits

Mechanical Equipment

437-003-0420 Traffic Control

Working Clearance

437-003-0502 Personal Fall Restraint

437-003-0503 Training Requirements

Power Transmission and Distribution

437-003-0706 Protection of Employees On or Near Masonry Walls

Underground Lines and Confined Spaces
Street Openings

437-003-0752 Site-Specific Erection Plan

437-003-0753 Tag Lines

437-003-0761 Additional Training Requirements

Other Structural Requirements

437-003-0905 Flooring

437-003-0910 Temporary Floors

437-003-0915 Shoring, Bracing or Guying of Structures

437-003-0920 Project Plans

437-003-0925 Powder-Actuated Tools

437-003-1000 Oregon Rules for Air Contaminants

437-003-1101 Asbestos Respiratory Protection Program

437-003-1127 Cadmium Respiratory Protection Program

437-003-1423 Fall Protection

437-003-1500 Additional Definitions

437-003-1501 General Fall Protection

437-003-1502 Warning Line Systems for Roofing Work

437-003-1752 Written Notifications

437-003-1754 Roof and Floor Holes and Openings

437-003-2501 Protection From Falling Objects

437-003-3060 Methylenedianiline Respiratory Protection Program

437-003-3224 Vehicle Drivers and Riders

437-003-3225 Vehicles for Highway and Road Operation Characteristics and Maintenance

437-003-3226 Vehicles for Use on Property Other Than Public Roads and Highways Operation, Characteristics and Maintenance

437-003-3502 Slide Guard Systems

437-003-3600 Equipment



437-004-0001 Application

437-004-0002 Scope

437-004-0003 Exclusive Coverage

437-004-0005 Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records

437-004-0099 General Standards

437-004-0100 Universal Definitions

437-004-0150 Standards Organizations

437-004-0240 Safety Orientation for Seasonal Workers

437-004-0251 Safety Committees and Safety Meetings

437-004-0310 Working Surfaces

437-004-0320 Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes

437-004-0330 Fixed Industrial Stairs

437-004-0340 Portable Ladders

437-004-0350 Orchard Ladders

437-004-0360 Fixed Ladders

437-004-0370 Scaffolding

437-004-0380 Manually Propelled Mobile Ladder Stands and Scaffolds (Towers)

437-004-0390 Other Working Surfaces

437-004-0405 Exits and Emergency Action Plan

437-004-0450 Emergency Action Plan

437-004-0570 Manlifts

437-004-0610 Ventilation

437-004-0630 Noise Exposure

437-004-0650 Ionizing Radiation

437-004-0710 Compressed Gases

437-004-0715 Acetylene

437-004-0716 Oxygen

437-004-0717 Hydrogen

437-004-0720 Flammable and Combustible Liquids

437-004-0725 Spray Finishing

437-004-0770 Explosives and Blasting Agents

437-004-0780 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases

437-004-0790 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Natural Gas in Fields and Orchards

437-004-0800 Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia

437-004-0950 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

437-004-1005 General Requirements for Protective Equipment

437-004-1020 Personal Fall Protection

437-004-1030 Work Clothing

437-004-1035 Eye and Face Protection

437-004-1041 Respiratory Protection

437-004-1050 Head Protection

437-004-1060 Hand, Foot, and Extremity Protection

437-004-1070 Working Underway on Water

437-004-1075 Working Over or In Water

437-004-1105 Sanitation

437-004-1110 Field Sanitation for Hand Labor Work

437-004-1120 Agricultural Labor Housing and Related Facilities

437-004-1140 Lighting

437-004-1150 Safety Colors for Marking Physical Hazards

437-004-1180 Accident Prevention Signs

437-004-1250 Confined and Hazardous Spaces

437-004-1260 Manure Lagoons, Storage Pongs, Vats, Pits and Separators

437-004-1275 The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/ Tagout)

437-004-1305 Medical Services and First Aid

437-004-1430 Employee Equipment and Training

437-004-1440 Required Postings

437-004-1450 Extinguishers

437-004-1460 Fire Prevention Plan

437-004-1470 Training

437-004-1505 Air Receivers and Pressure Systems

437-004-1525 Boilers and Steam Systems

437-004-1610 General Requirements

437-004-1630 Conveyors

437-004-1670 Automotive Hoists

437-004-1680 Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

437-004-1700 Forklifts and Other Powered Industrial Trucks

437-004-1750 Helicopters

437-004-1805 Rope, Chain, Rigging, and Hoists

437-004-1825 Tackle and Hoisting Equipment

437-004-1910 General Equipment Guarding

437-004-1940 Farm Field Equipment

437-004-1970 Farmstead Equipment

437-004-2000 Powered Saws

437-004-2100 Grinders

437-004-2220 General Requirements — Small Tools

437-004-2230 Guarding and Operation of Portable Powered Tools

437-004-2240 Power Lawnmowers

437-004-2260 Other Portable Tools and Equipment

437-004-2310 General Requirements

437-004-2350 Oxygen-Fuel Gas Welding and Cutting

437-004-2400 Arc Welding and Cutting

437-004-2810 General Requirements

437-004-2850 Temporary Lighting and Wiring

437-004-2860 Flexible Cable and Extension Cords

437-004-2870 Attachment Plugs and Receptacles

437-004-2880 Cord and Plug-Connected Equipment

437-004-2900 Grounding and Bonding

437-004-2950 Switches and Circuit Breakers

437-004-3000 Identification and Load Ratings

437-004-3050 Work Near Overhead Lines

437-004-3075 Agricultural Buildings with Special Hazards

437-004-3100 Excavation

437-004-3410 Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

437-004-3420 Working from Vehicles and Vehicle Loads

437-004-3430 Training for Agriculture Tractor Operators

437-004-3460 Industrial Vehicles

437-004-3480 Bridges, Roads and Ramps

437-004-3550 Servicing Multi Piece and Single Piece Rim Wheels

437-004-3600 Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) for Tractors in Agriculture

437-004-3650 Roll-Over Protective Structures — Industrial Vehicles

437-004-3660 Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms

437-004-6000 Adoption by Reference of Federal Standard

437-004-6001 Expiration and Implementation Dates

437-004-6401 Effective dates for worker training programs in Oregon

437-004-6501 Handler training programs in Oregon

437-004-6502 Oregon requirements for Worker Protection Standard trainers of handlers who qualify using train-the-trainer programs

437-004-6508 Respiratory Protection

437-004-6509 Emergency eye-washes and eye flushing supplies.

437-004-9000 Oregon Rules for Air Contaminants

437-004-9010 Fumigated Areas

437-004-9050 Asbestos

437-004-9090 13 Carcinogens

437-004-9600 Lead

437-004-9620 Cadmium

437-004-9626 Chromium (VI)

437-004-9640 Benzene

437-004-9650 Bloodborne Pathogens

437-004-9710 Acrylonitrile

437-004-9720 Thiram

437-004-9740 Ethylene Oxide

437-004-9760 Formaldehyde

437-004-9780 Methylenedianiline

437-004-9800 Hazard Communication Standard for Agricultural Employers

437-004-9830 Retention of Department of Transportation (DOT) Markings, Placards and Labels

437-004-9850 Pipe Labeling

437-004-9860 Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories



Part 1915 -- Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment

437-005-0001 Adoption by Reference

Part 1917 -- Marine Terminals

437-005-0002 Adoption by Reference

Part 1918 -- Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring

437-005-0003 Adoption by Reference



Forest Activities

Subdivision A -- General Requirements and Definitions

437-007-0001 Authority of Rules

437-007-0002 Purpose of Rules

437-007-0003 Scope of Rules

437-007-0004 Applicability of Rules

437-007-0010 Worker Protection Standard

437-007-0025 Definitions

Subdivision B -- Safety and Health Program

437-007-0100 Safety and Health Program

437-007-0105 Management Commitment

437-007-0110 Supervisory Responsibilities

437-007-0125 Accident Investigation

437-007-0130 Employee Involvement

437-007-0135 Hazard Identification and Control

437-007-0140 Training

437-007-0145 Annual Program Evaluation

Subdivision C -- Planning, First Aid and Work Conditions

437-007-0200 Site Planning and Implementation

437-007-0205 Hazard Identification

437-007-0210 Checking System

437-007-0215 Working Alone

437-007-0220 Medical Services and First Aid

437-007-0225  Working Near Unstable Objects and Danger Trees

437-007-0230 Power Line Safeguards

437-007-0235 Working Conditions

437-007-0240 Night Logging

437-007-0245 Field Sanitation For Reforestation Activities

Subdivision D -- Personal Protective Equipment and Programs

437-007-0300 General Requirements

437-007-0305 Head Protection

437-007-0310 High-Visibility Color

437-007-0315 Eye and Face Protection

437-007-0320 Hand Protection

437-007-0325 Leg Protection

437-007-0330 Foot Protection

437-007-0335 Hearing Protection

437-007-0340 Personal Floatation Devices

437-007-0345 Respiratory Protection

437-007-0350 Respiratory Protection When Machines Are Operated

Subdivision E -- Tools, Fire Extinguishers and Explosives

437-007-0400 Hand and Portable Power-Driven Tools

437-007-0405 Chain Saws

437-007-0410 Fire Extinguishers

437-007-0415 Explosives and Blasting Agents

Subdivision F -- Roads, Flagging, Vehicles and Flammables

437-007-0500 Roads

437-007-0505 Bridges

437-007-0510 Flagging

437-007-0515 Signs

437-007-0520 Vehicle General Requirements

437-007-0525 Vehicle Warning Devices

437-007-0530 Vehicle Windshields, Windows and Mirrors

437-007-0535 Vehicle Passenger Compartments

437-007-0540 Vehicle Brakes

437-007-0545 Vehicle Exhaust Systems

437-007-0550 Vehicle Guards and Controls

437-007-0555 Vehicle Safety Chains

437-007-0560 Vehicle Seat Belts

437-007-0565 Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

437-007-0570 Vehicle Operation

437-007-0575 Transportation of Personnel

437-007-0580 Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Subdivision G -- Rigging and Rigging Practices

437-007-0600 Inspection and General Requirements for Rigging

437-007-0605 Out-of-Service Requirements for Wire Rope

437-007-0610 Line Cutting and Splicing

437-007-0615 Pressed Eyes and End Fittings

437-007-0620 Cable Clamps

437-007-0625 Mollies

437-007-0630 Connectors

437-007-0635 Shackles

437-007-0640 Metal Spar Guyline Safety Straps

437-007-0645 Chokers and Straps

437-007-0650 Guylines -- General Requirements.

437-007-0655 Guylines -- Tail Tree Guying.

437-007-0660 Intermediate Support Trees

437-007-0665 Anchoring

437-007-0670 Spiking and Releasing Spiked Guylines or Skylines

437-007-0675 Selecting, Preparing and Rigging Trees

437-007-0680 Blocks and Hanging Blocks.

437-007-0690 Metal Towers

Subdivision H -- Machines Used in Forest Activities

437-007-0700 General Work Practices

437-007-0705 General Machine Operator Requirements

437-007-0710 General Machine Requirements

437-007-0715 Attaching and Spooling Line (Wire or Synthetic Rope)

437-007-0720 Fairleads

437-007-0725 Securing Machines

437-007-0730 Loading Machines

437-007-0735 Chippers

437-007-0740 Machine Exhaust Systems

437-007-0745 Windows and Windshields on Machines

437-007-0750 Drum Brakes

437-007-0755 Machine Travel Brakes

437-007-0760 Outriggers

437-007-0765 Hauling or Moving Machines

437-007-0770 Protective Structure for Operators, General Requirements

437-007-0775 Protective Structure For Operators, Machines Manufactured On Or After July 1, 2004

437-007-0780 Protective Structures for Operators, Machines Used On Or After July 1, 2009

Subdivision I -- Cutting Trees, Pre-Commercial Thinning and Slashing

437-007-0800 General Requirements

437-007-0805 Mechanical Falling

437-007-0810 Manual Falling

437-007-0815 Wedges

437-007-0820 Bucking Trees/Logs

437-007-0825 Tree Jacking

437-007-0830 Tree Pulling

Subdivision J -- Yarding, Processing, Signaling and Communications

437-007-0900 General Landing Work Practices

437-007-0905 Landings

437-007-0910 Landing Logs

437-007-0915 Log Decks

437-007-0920 General Cable Yarding and Ground Skidding Work Practice

437-007-0925 Cable Yarding Work Practices

437-007-0927 Working Near Standing Tree Anchors, and Tail/Intermediate Support Trees

437-007-0930 Grapple Yarding

437-007-0935 Operation of Ground Skidding Machines and Vehicles

437-007-0940 Signaling and Communications

437-007-0945 Electrical Signal Systems

437-007-0950 Voice Communication on Combined Signal/Voice Transmitters

Subdivision K -- Loading and Transportation of Logs/Wood Fiber

437-007-1000 General Requirements

437-007-1005 Loading

437-007-1010 Securing Loads for Transport

437-007-1015 Binders and Wrappers

437-007-1020 Log Truck General Requirements

437-007-1025 Log Truck Safety Chains or Cables

437-007-1030  Log Truck and Trailer Hitches (Couplings)

437-007-1035 Log Truck and Trailer Brakes

437-007-1040 Log Truck Trailer Reaches and Drawbars

437-007-1045 Log Truck Trailers

437-007-1050 Log Truck and Trailer Bunks and Stakes

437-007-1055 Log Truck and Trailer Bunk Chains and Cables

437-007-1060 Additional Requirements for Log Trucks Equipped With Self-Loaders

Subdivision L -- Log Dumps, Ponds and Yards

437-007-1100 General Work Practices

437-007-1105 General Requirements for Log and Wood Fiber Unloading, Handling and Storage Areas

437-007-1110 Wrappers Removal General

437-007-1115 Barriers For Securing Log Loads

437-007-1120 Removing Wrappers From Barrier Secured Loads

437-007-1125 Removing Wrappers From Machine Secured Loads

437-007-1130 Removing Center Wrappers From Unsecured Loads

437-007-1135 Unloading Logs

437-007-1140 Split Loads

437-007-1145 Loading or Unloading Trailers

437-007-1150 Trailer Hoists

437-007-1155 Dry Land Log and Fiber Handling and Processing

437-007-1160 Water Dumps, Log Ponds and Booms

437-007-1165 Boats

Subdivision M -- Aircraft Used in Forest Activities

437-007-1200 Helicopter Operation.

437-007-1205 Aircraft Refueling/Maintenance Area

Subdivision N -- Fire Protection/Suppression and Prescribed Burning

437-007-1300 Scope of Rules

437-007-1303 Application of Rules

437-007-1305 General Requirements

437-007-1310 Personnel Assignments

437-007-1315 Single Personnel Assignments

437-007-1320 Personal Protective Equipment

437-007-1325 Training

437-007-1330 Equipment, Vehicles and Machines, General Requirements

437-007-1335 Vehicle Operation

437-007-1340 Machine Operation

437-007-1345 Helicopter Operations

Subdivision O -- Signaling Systems

437-007-1400 Jerk Wire Whistle System

437-007-1405 Radio Signal Systems

Subdivision P -- Tree Climbing

437-007-1500 Tree Climbing General Requirements

437-007-1505 Climbing Equipment General Requirements

437-007-1510 Climbing Procedures General Requirements

437-007-1520 Four Inch Tie-In Systems

437-007-1525 Belayed (Snubbing) Climbing System

437-007-1530 Three Point Climbing System

437-007-1535 Storage and Transportation of Climbing Equipment General Requirements



Hand-Held Power Driven Tools

437-081-0985 Pneumatic Powered Tools (Safety Line)

Storage, Handling and Use of Cylinders

437-081-2305 Storage, Handling, Use of Cylinders (Valve Opening Location)

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