The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Department of Human Services

Self-Sufficiency Programs

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461-001-0000 Definitions for Chapter 461

461-001-0010 Notice of Rulemaking

461-001-0015 Definitions; FS

461-001-0020 Definitions; SNAP Employment and Training Components and Activities

461-001-0025 Definitions of Terms, Components, and Activities; JOBS, Pre-TANF, Post-TANF, TANF

461-001-0030 Definitions; OSIP, OSIPM Long-Term Care or Home and Community-Based Care

461-001-0035 Definitions; OSIP-EPD and OSIPM-EPD






461-025-0300 General

461-025-0301 Lay Representation in Contested Case Hearings

461-025-0305 Definitions

461-025-0310 Hearing Requests

461-025-0311 Continuation of Benefits

461-025-0315 Expedited Hearings

461-025-0316 Intentional Program Violation (IPV) Hearings; Food Stamp Program

461-025-0325 Informal Conference

461-025-0332 Burden of Proof

461-025-0350 Withdrawals of Hearing Requests

461-025-0356 Dismissal for Failure to Appear

461-025-0371 Proposed and Final Orders

461-025-0375 Final Order; Timeliness and Effective Date



461-101-0010 Program Acronyms and Overview



461-105-0006 Business Continuity Provisions

461-105-0010 Rights of Clients

461-105-0020 Responsibilities of Clients

461-105-0060 Release of Information to the Client

461-105-0070 Client Authorization for Release of Client Information to Third Party

461-105-0100 Release of Client Information to Law Enforcement Officers

461-105-0110 Release of Client Information to Service Providers and Legal Bodies

461-105-0120 Release of Information on Child Support and Paternity Cases

461-105-0130 Disclosure of Client Information

461-105-0150 Requests and Fees for Written Public Records

461-105-0180 Nondiscrimination in Determining Eligibility

461-105-0190 Discriminatory Actions

461-105-0410 Client Requirement to Cooperate in Quality Control Review



461-110-0210 Household Group

461-110-0310 Filing Group; Overview

461-110-0330 Filing Group; TANF

461-110-0350 Filing Group; ERDC

461-110-0370 Filing Group; SNAP

461-110-0410 Filing Group; OSIP, OSIPM, QMB

461-110-0430 Filing Group; REF, REFM

461-110-0530 Financial Group

461-110-0630 Need Group

461-110-0750 Benefit Group



461-115-0010 Application Process; General

461-115-0016 Application Process; Reservation List for ERDC

461-115-0020 Application Requirements

461-115-0030 Date of Request

461-115-0040 Filing Date; REF, SNAP, TANF

461-115-0050 When an Application Must Be Filed

461-115-0071 Who Must Sign the Application and Complete the Application Process

461-115-0090 Authorized Representatives; General

461-115-0140 Authorized Representative or Alternate Payee; SNAP

461-115-0145 Responsibilities of a Center or Facility Acting as Authorized Representative; SNAP

461-115-0150 Offices Where Clients Apply

461-115-0190 Application Processing Time Frames; Not SNAP or Pre-TANF

461-115-0210 Application Processing Time Frames; SNAP

461-115-0230 Interviews

461-115-0232 SNAP Mid Certification Period Review

461-115-0430 Periodic Redeterminations; Not EA, ERDC, SNAP, or TA-DVS

461-115-0450 Periodic Redeterminations; SNAP

461-115-0540 Certification Period: OSIP-EPD, and OSIPM-EPD

461-115-0610 Verification; General

461-115-0651 Required Verification and When to Verify; SNAP

461-115-0690 Verification for SNAP Expedited Service; Time Limits

461-115-0700 Required Verification; GA, GAM, OSIP, OSIPM, QMB

461-115-0715 Required Verification; SFPSS



461-120-0010 Residency Requirements

461-120-0030 State of Residence for Individual in a Medical Facility

461-120-0050 Incapable of Stating Intent to Reside; OSIPM, QMB, REFM, and SAC

461-120-0110 Citizenship and Alien Status Requirements

461-120-0125 Alien Status

461-120-0130 Declaration of Citizenship or Alien Status

461-120-0210 Requirement to Provide Social Security Number (SSN)

461-120-0310 Assignment of Support Rights; Not SNAP

461-120-0315 Medical Assignment

461-120-0330 Requirement to Pursue Assets

461-120-0340 Client Required To Help Department Obtain Support From Noncustodial Parent; TANF

461-120-0345 Clients Required to Obtain Health Care Coverage and Cash Medical Support; GAM, OSIPM

461-120-0350 Clients Excused for Good Cause from Compliance with Requirements to Pursue Child Support, Health Care Coverage, and Medical Support

461-120-0510 Age Requirements for Clients to Receive Benefits

461-120-0630 Requirement to Live With a Caretaker or Caretaker Relative



461-125-0260 Impairment Criteria; SFPSS

461-125-0310 Basis of Need; OSIPM

461-125-0330 Blindness as the Basis of Need

461-125-0350 Old Age as the Basis of Need; OSIP and OSIPM

461-125-0370 Disability as the Basis of Need

461-125-0810 Using Administrative Medical Examinations

461-125-0830 Medical Documentation, Disability and Other Determinations



461-130-0305 General Provisions; Employment Programs

461-130-0310 Participation Classifications: Exempt, Mandatory, and Volunteer

461-130-0315 Requirements for Mandatory Employment Program Clients; Pre-TANF, REF, SNAP, TANF

461-130-0327 Good Cause

461-130-0328 Effect of Strikes

461-130-0330 Disqualifications; Pre-TANF, REF, SNAP, TANF

461-130-0335 Removing Disqualifications and Effect on Benefits



461-135-0010 Assumed Eligibility for Medical Programs

461-135-0070 Specific Requirements; TANF

461-135-0075 Limitation on Eligibility Period; TANF

461-135-0080 TANF Eligibility for Minor Parents

461-135-0082 Eligibility for Refugees

461-135-0085 Requirement to Attend an Assessment or Evaluation, or Seek Medically Appropriate Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health; Disqualification and Penalties; Pre-TANF, REF, TANF

461-135-0089 Demonstrating Compliance with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Requirements; Restoring Cash Benefits

461-135-0200 Multiple Disqualifications; TANF

461-135-0210 TANF Cooperation Incentive Payment

461-135-0300 Eligibility for and Needs Covered by EA

461-135-0301 Closure of the Emergency Assistance (EA) Program Effective May 1, 2004

461-135-0310 Covered Shelter Needs; EA

461-135-0320 Time Limits; EA

461-135-0340 Work Requirements; EA

461-135-0350 Eligible People; EA

461-135-0400 Specific Requirements; ERDC

461-135-0405 Children in the Head Start Program; ERDC and TANF

461-135-0407 Children in Oregon Program of Quality Contracted Child Care; ERDC and TANF

461-135-0415 Requirement to Make Copay or Satisfactory Arrangements; ERDC

461-135-0475 Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program

461-135-0485 Requirement to Complete an Employability Screening and Overview of the Job Opportunity and Basic Skills (JOBS) program; TANF

461-135-0491 Disaster SNAP program (DFSP)

461-135-0492 Application, Interviews, and Verification for DFSP

461-135-0493 Eligibility and Benefit Amount for DFSP

461-135-0494 DFSP Treatment of Households Already Certified and Receiving SNAP Benefits

461-135-0496 Hearings for DFSP

461-135-0495 Recertifications for DFSP

461-135-0497 Household Liability in the DFSP

461-135-0498 Pandemic-related Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; PSNAP

461-135-0505 Categorical Eligibility for SNAP

461-135-0506 Transitional Benefit Alternative (TBA) in the SNAP Program

461-135-0510 Residents of Institutions; SNAP

461-135-0520 Time Limit and Special Requirements for ABAWD; SNAP

461-135-0521 Job Quit by Applicants; SNAP

461-135-0530 People in Adult Foster Care (AFC) and Boarding Houses; SNAP

461-135-0550 Residents of Drug Addiction and Alcohol Treatment Facilities; SNAP

461-135-0560 Fleeing Felon and Violators of Parole, Probation, and Post-Prison Supervision; SNAP, GA, GAM, and TANF

461-135-0570 Eligible and Ineligible Students; SNAP

461-135-0575 SNAP Expedited Services

461-135-0580 Prepared Meals; SNAP

461-135-0590 Communal Dining; SNAP

461-135-0610 Meal Providers for Homeless Individuals; SNAP

461-135-0700 Specific Requirements; GA

461-135-0701 Terminate GA and GAM Programs October 1, 2005; Reinstate GA July 1, 2016

461-135-0708 Criteria for Developing a Plan for Self-support; OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB

461-135-0725 Specific Requirements; OSIP-EPD, OSIPM-EPD

461-135-0726 Specific Requirements; OSIP-IC and OSIPM-IC

461-135-0730 Specific Requirements; QMB, SMB, SMF

461-135-0745 Eligibility for Individuals in Acute Care Settings; OSIPM

461-135-0750 Eligibility for Individuals in Long-Term Care or Home and Community-Based Care; OSIPM

461-135-0771 Eligibility for OSIPM Under "Grandfathering" Provision

461-135-0780 Eligibility for Pickle Amendment Clients; OSIPM

461-135-0790 Eligibility for People in an Institution Since 1973; OSIPM

461-135-0800 Eligibility for 1972 COLA Clients; OSIPM

461-135-0820 Eligibility for Widows and Widowers; OSIPM

461-135-0830 Eligibility for Disabled Adult Children; OSIPM

461-135-0832 Estate Administration; Definitions

461-135-0833 Burial Expenses

461-135-0834 Delivery of Required Notices to the Estate Administration Unit

461-135-0835 Limits on Estate Claims

461-135-0837 Administering Medicaid Estate Claims When the Recipient of Assistance was a Native American Indian or Alaskan Native Village Tribal Member

461-135-0838 Administering Estate Claims

461-135-0839 Title to Real and Personal Property

461-135-0841 Undue Hardship Waiver Criteria

461-135-0843 Establishing Legal Title, Interest or Form of Ownership

461-135-0844 Procedures for Applying for Undue Hardship Waiver

461-135-0845 Valuation of Life Estate, Reversionary Interest and Property

461-135-0847 Forms; Request for Notice of Transfer or Encumbrance; Termination of Request for Notice of Transfer or Encumbrance; Notice of Transfer or Encumbrance

461-135-0850 Specific Requirements; Repatriate Program

461-135-0875 Specific Requirements; Retroactive Eligibility

461-135-0900 Specific Requirements; REF, REFM

461-135-0910 Unaccompanied Minor Program; REF, REFM

461-135-0915 Specific Requirements; REF

461-135-0920 Refugees Applying for SSI

461-135-0930 Medical Coverage for Refugees; REFM

461-135-0950 Eligibility for Inmates and Residents of State Hospitals

461-135-0990 Specific Requirements; Reimbursement of Cost-Effective, Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Premiums

461-135-1070 Specific Requirements; Citizen/Alien-Waived Emergent Medical (CAWEM)

461-135-1175 Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program

461-135-1185 Low-Income Subsidy Program (LIS)

461-135-1186 LIS Applications

461-135-1187 Eligibility Determinations and Due Process for LIS

461-135-1195 Specific Requirements; SFPSS Eligibility

461-135-1197 Good Cause; SFPSS

461-135-1200 Domestic Violence

461-135-1205 Temporary Assistance for Domestic Violence Survivors Program

461-135-1215 TA-DVS; Who is Eligible for the Program?

461-135-1220 TA-DVS; Application for Assistance and Effective Dates

461-135-1225 TA-DVS; Eligibility and Verification Requirements

461-135-1230 Benefits; TA-DVS

461-135-1235 TA-DVS; Right to Hearing

461-135-1250 Specific Requirements: Post-TANF

461-135-1260 Specific Requirements: Job Participation Incentive



461-140-0010 Assets; Income and Resources

461-140-0020 Availability of Resources

461-140-0040 Determining Availability of Income

461-140-0070 Treatment of Excluded Assets

461-140-0110 Treatment of Periodic Income

461-140-0120 Availability and Treatment of Lump-Sum Income

461-140-0210 Asset Transfer; General Information and Timelines

461-140-0220 Determining if a Transfer of an Asset is Disqualifying

461-140-0242 Disqualifying Transfer of Resources Including Home; GA, GAM, OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB; On or After October 1, 1993

461-140-0250 Determining The Uncompensated Value of a Transferred Asset

461-140-0260 Disqualification Due to a Resource Transfer; FS

461-140-0270 Disqualification Due to An Asset Transfer; REF, REFM, TANF

461-140-0296 Length of Disqualification Due to an Asset Transfer; OSIP and OSIPM

461-140-0300 Adjustments to the Disqualification for Asset Transfer



461-145-0000 Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act

461-145-0001 Adoption Assistance

461-145-0005 Agent Orange Disability Benefits

461-145-0008 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

461-145-0010 Animals

461-145-0020 Annuities; Not OSIPM

461-145-0022 Annuities; OSIPM

461-145-0025 Approved Accounts; OSIPM-EPD, and OSIPM-EPD

461-145-0030 Bank Account

461-145-0035 Black Lung Benefits

461-145-0040 Burial Arrangements and Burial Fund

461-145-0050 Burial Space and Merchandise

461-145-0060 Cash

461-145-0080 Child Support and Cash Medical Support

461-145-0086 Contributions

461-145-0088 Corporations and Business Entities; Income and Resources; Not OSIP, OSIPM, or QMB

461-145-0089 Corporations and Other Business Entities; Income and Resources, Not Self-Employment; OSIP, OSIPM, QMB

461-145-0090 Disability Benefit

461-145-0100 Disaster Relief

461-145-0105 Disqualifying Income; SNAP

461-145-0108 Dividends, Interest and Royalties

461-145-0110 Domestic Volunteer Services Act (VISTA, RSVP, SCORE, ACE)

461-145-0120 Earned Income; Defined

461-145-0130 Earned Income; Treatment

461-145-0140 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

461-145-0143 Economic Recovery Payment

461-145-0145 Individual Education Account (IEA)

461-145-0150 Educational Income

461-145-0170 Energy Assistance Payments

461-145-0175 Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) Payments

461-145-0185 Floating Homes and Houseboats

461-145-0190 Food Programs Other Than the SNAP program

461-145-0200 Foster Care Payments and Guardianship Assistance Benefits

461-145-0210 Gifts and Winnings

461-145-0220 Home

461-145-0230 Housing and Urban Development

461-145-0240 Income-Producing Sales Contract

461-145-0250 Income-Producing Property; Not OSIP, OSIPM, or QMB

461-145-0252 Income-Producing Property; OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB

461-145-0255 Independent Living Program Subsidies

461-145-0259 Indian (Native American) Benefits; OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB

461-145-0260 Indian (Native American) Benefits; Not OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB

461-145-0261 Individual Development Account (IDA)

461-145-0270 Inheritance

461-145-0280 In-Kind Income

461-145-0290 Job Corps

461-145-0300 Workforce Investment Act

461-145-0310 Life Estate

461-145-0320 Life Insurance

461-145-0330 Loans and Interest on Loans

461-145-0340 Lodger Income

461-145-0343 Manufactured and Mobile Homes

461-145-0345 Military Income

461-145-0360 Motor Vehicle

461-145-0365 National and Community Services Trust Act (NCSTA), including AmeriCorps (other than AmeriCorps VISTA)

461-145-0370 Older Americans Act

461-145-0380 Pension and Retirement Plans

461-145-0390 Personal Belongings

461-145-0400 Personal Injury Settlement

461-145-0405 Plan for Self-support

461-145-0410 Program Benefits

461-145-0415 Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

461-145-0417 Railroad Retirement Payments; OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB

461-145-0420 Real Property

461-145-0430 Real Property Excluded under an Interim Assistance Agreement; TANF

461-145-0433 Recreational Vehicles

461-145-0435 Refunds

461-145-0440 Reimbursement

461-145-0455 Resettlement and Placement (R&P) Grants

461-145-0460 Sale of a Resource

461-145-0470 Shelter-in-Kind Income

461-145-0490 Social Security Benefits

461-145-0500 Social Security Death Benefit

461-145-0505 Spousal Support

461-145-0510 SSI

461-145-0520 Stocks, Bonds and Other Securities

461-145-0525 Strikers’ Benefits

461-145-0530 Tax Refund

461-145-0540 Trusts

461-145-0550 Unemployment Compensation Benefit

461-145-0560 Uniform Relocation Act

461-145-0570 USDA Meal Reimbursement

461-145-0580 Veterans’ Benefits

461-145-0582 Victims’ Assistance

461-145-0585 Vocational Rehabilitation Payment

461-145-0590 Workers Compensation

461-145-0600 Work-Related Capital Assets, Equipment, and Inventory

461-145-0810 Deemed Assets; Overview

461-145-0820 Deemed Assets; Noncitizen’s Sponsor

461-145-0830 When to Deem the Assets of a Sponsor of a Noncitizen and How Income is Deemed

461-145-0860 Deemed Assets, Parent of Minor Parent; TANF

461-145-0910 Self-Employment; General; Not OSIP, OSIPM, or QMB

461-145-0915 Self-Employment; General; OSIP, OSIPM, QMB

461-145-0920 Self-Employment; Costs that are Excluded to Determine Countable Income

461-145-0930 Self-Employment; Determination of Countable Income

461-145-0931 Additional Exclusions for Farming Costs; SNAP



461-150-0020 Prospective Eligibility and Budgeting

461-150-0030 Retrospective Eligibility or Budgeting

461-150-0042 Prospective Eligibility and Budgeting; EA

461-150-0050 Prospective Eligibility and Budgeting; OSIP, OSIPM, and QMB

461-150-0060 Prospective or Retrospective Eligibility and Budgeting; ERDC, REF, REFM, SNAP, TANF

461-150-0070 Prospective Budgeting of Stable Income

461-150-0080 Prospective Budgeting of Variable Income; Not OHP; Not MRS

461-150-0090 Prospective Budgeting: Annualizing and Prorating Contracted or Self-employment Income; Not OSIP, OSIPM, or QMB

461-150-0095 Prospective Budgeting: Averaging and Estimating Self-employment Income; OSIP, OSIPM, QMB

461-150-0100 Initial Month Prospective Budgeting for Destitute Filing Groups; FS



461-155-0010 Use of Payment Standards to Establish Need

461-155-0020 Prorated Standards; Adjusted Number in Household

461-155-0030 Income and Payment Standards; REF, TANF

461-155-0035 Cooperation Incentive Payment Standard; TANF

461-155-0050 Child Care Eligibility Standard, Payment Rates, and Copayments

461-155-0070 Income and Payment Standard; EA

461-155-0150 Child Care Eligibility Standard, Payment Rates, and Copayments

461-155-0151 High Special Needs; Child Care

461-155-0180 Income Standards; Not OSIP, OSIPM, QMB

461-155-0190 Income and Payment Standards; SNAP

461-155-0210 Basic Standard; GA

461-155-0225 Income Standard; REFM

461-155-0250 Income and Payment Standard; OSIPM

461-155-0270 Room and Board Standard; OSIPM

461-155-0290 Income Standard; QMB-BAS

461-155-0291 Income Standard; QMB-DW

461-155-0295 Income Standard; QMB-SMB, QMB-SMF

461-155-0300 Shelter-in-Kind Standard

461-155-0310 Special Shelter Allowance; REF, TANF

461-155-0320 Payment Standard; SFPSS

461-155-0350 Minimum Contribution Standard

461-155-0360 Pursuit of Cost-Effective Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

461-155-0500 Special Needs; Overview

461-155-0510 Special Need in Combined OSIP/REF/TANF Cases

461-155-0526 Special Need; Community Transition Services; OSIP and OSIPM

461-155-0530 Special Need; Food for Guide Dogs and Special Assistance Animals

461-155-0551 Special Need; Home Adaptations to Accommodate a Client’s Physical Condition

461-155-0575 Special Need; In-home Supplement; OSIPM

461-155-0580 Special Need; Laundry Allowances

461-155-0600 Special Need; Home Repairs; OSIP and OSIPM

461-155-0610 Special Need; Moving Costs; OSIP and OSIPM

461-155-0620 Special Need; Property Taxes

461-155-0630 Special Need; Community Based Care; OSIPM

461-155-0640 Special Need; Restaurant Meals

461-155-0660 Special Need; Accommodation Allowance

461-155-0670 Special Need; Special Diet Allowance

461-155-0680 Special Need — Supplemental Telephone Allowance; OSIPM

461-155-0688 Prescription Drug Co-pay Coverage

461-155-0700 Special Need; Personal Incidentals and Room and Board Allowances; OSIPM

461-155-0710 Special Need; Diversion and Transition Services; OSIP and OSIPM



461-160-0010 Use of Resources in Determining Financial Eligibility

461-160-0015 Resource Limits

461-160-0030 Overview of Costs

461-160-0040 Dependent Care Costs; Deduction and Coverage

461-160-0055 Medical Costs That Are Deductible; OSIP, OSIPM, and SNAP

461-160-0060 Use of Rounding in Calculating Benefit Amount

461-160-0070 Benefits for Less Than a Full Month

461-160-0090 Employment and Independence Expenses; OSIP-EPD, and OSIPM-EPD

461-160-0100 How Income Affects Eligibility and Benefits; REF, SFPSS, TANF

461-160-0140 How Income and Resources are Used to Determine Eligibility and Benefit for EA

461-160-0160 Earned Income Deduction; REF, TANF

461-160-0193 Determining Eligibility and Calculating Payment; Direct Provider Payments for TANF Child Care

461-160-0300 Use of Income to Determine Eligibility and Benefits for ERDC

461-160-0400 Use of Income to Determine Eligibility and Benefits; FS

461-160-0410 Use of Income and Income Deductions When There Are Ineligible or Disqualified Group Members; FS

461-160-0415 Medical Deduction; FS

461-160-0420 Shelter Cost; FS

461-160-0430 Income Deductions; FS

461-160-0500 Use of Income to Determine Benefits; GA

461-160-0540 Determining Financial Eligibility and Benefits; QMB and OSIPM (except OSIPM-EPD) Living in the Community

461-160-0550 Income Deductions; Non-SSI OSIP (except OSIP-EPD) and OSIPM (except OSIPM-EPD) in the Community When There Are No Children in the Household Group

461-160-0551 Income Deductions; Non-SSI OSIP (except OSIP-EPD) and OSIPM (except OSIPM-EPD) in the Community When There Are Children in the Household Group

461-160-0552 Income Deductions; Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries Programs

461-160-0570 Excluded Resource; Community Spouse Provision Before 10/1/89

461-160-0580 Excluded Resource; Community Spouse Provision (OSIPM except OSIPM-EPD)

461-160-0590 Assessment of Resources; Community Spouse Provision

461-160-0600 Availability of Income; Couple with an Institutionalized Spouse

461-160-0610 Client Liability; OSIPM (except OSIPM-EPD)

461-160-0620 Income Deductions and Client Liability; Long-Term Care Services or Home and Community-Based Care; OSIPM

461-160-0630 Deduction for Maintaining a Home; Long-Term Care Client

461-160-0780 Determining Adjusted Income; OSIP-EPD and OSIPM-EPD

461-160-0800 Determining Participant Fee; OSIP-EPD, OSIPM-EPD (Including In-Home Services)

461-160-0855 Excluded Resources for Payments Received Under a Qualified Partnership Policy; OSIPM



461-165-0010 Legal Status of Benefit Payments

461-165-0030 Concurrent and Duplicate Program Benefits

461-165-0035 Alternate Payees; EBT

461-165-0040 Assigning Payee; Not EBT

461-165-0045 Emergency Payee; TANF

461-165-0050 Dual Payee; When to Use

461-165-0060 Minimum Benefit Amount; REF, SNAP, TANF

461-165-0070 Immediate Issuance of Benefits

461-165-0080 Method for Delivery of Benefits

461-165-0082 SNAP Cash-Out

461-165-0096 Access Fee for EBT-Issued Benefits

461-165-0100 Issuance Date of Benefit

461-165-0105 Exception to Staggered Issuance; SNAP

461-165-0110 Alternatives to Direct Money Payment

461-165-0120 Benefits for a Client in an Acute Care Hospital

461-165-0130 Payment of Benefit Out-of-State

461-165-0140 Endorsement and Survivorship of Benefits

461-165-0160 Direct Provider Payments; General Information

461-165-0171 Direct Provider Payments; Payment Forms

461-165-0180 Eligibility of Child Care Providers

461-165-0200 Restoring Benefits

461-165-0210 Calculating Restored and Supplemental Benefits

461-165-0220 Replacing Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Undelivered Checks

461-165-0230 Replacing SNAP Benefits

461-165-0410 Provider Listing; Disqualifying Criminal History

461-165-0420 Provider Listing; Disqualifying Child Protective Service History

461-165-0430 Child Care Provider Hearings



461-170-0010 Reporting Changes -- Overview

461-170-0011 Changes That Must be Reported

461-170-0101 Simplified Reporting System (SRS); SNAP

461-170-0102 Required Reports for the Simplified Reporting System (SRS) — Interim Change Report; SNAP

461-170-0103 Actions Resulting From Changes in Household Circumstances; Simplified Reporting System (SRS); SNAP, JPI

461-170-0104 Failure to Submit Interim Change Report; Simplified Reporting System (SRS); SNAP

461-170-0120 Monthly Change Report Incomplete or Not Received

461-170-0130 Acting on Reported Changes; OSIPM, QMB

461-170-0150 Certification Period; ERDC

461-170-0160 When a Reapplication Form Is Considered Complete or Not Received; ERDC

461-170-0200 State and Federal Government-Initiated Changes



461-175-0010 What a Decision Notice Must Include

461-175-0050 Notice Period

461-175-0200 Notice Situations; General Information

461-175-0205 Notice Situation; Benefits for Less Than 30 Days

461-175-0206 Notice Situation; Benefit Standard Changes; Not FS

461-175-0207 Notice Situation; Child Care Benefit Calculation

461-175-0210 Notice Situation; Client Moved or Whereabouts Unknown

461-175-0220 Notice Situation; Disqualification

461-175-0222 Notice Situations — Expiration of Certification Period; ERDC, SNAP, TANF

461-175-0225 Notice Situation; Institution/Income and Resource Allowances

461-175-0230 Notice Situation; Nonstandard Living Situations

461-175-0240 Notice Situation; Lump-Sum

461-175-0250 Notice Situation; Mass Changes

461-175-0270 Notice Situation; MRS, SRS, or TBA

461-175-0280 Notice Situation; Failure to Submit Report for MRS, SRS, or ERDC Reapplication

461-175-0290 Notice Situation; Overpayment Repayment

461-175-0300 Notice Situation; Prior Notice

461-175-0305 Notice Situation; Removing an Individual From a Benefit Group (REF, REFM, SNAP, TANF) or Need Group (ERDC)

461-175-0310 Notice Situation; Resource Transfer Disqualification

461-175-0320 Notice Situation; Restoring FS Benefits

461-175-0340 Notice Situation; Voluntary Action



461-180-0005 Effective Dates; Acting on Changes; ERDC

461-180-0006 Effective Dates; Changes in the Simplified Reporting System (SRS); SNAP

461-180-0010 Effective Dates; Adding a New Person to an Open Case

461-180-0020 Effective Dates; Changes in Income or Income Deductions That Cause Increases

461-180-0030 Effective Dates; Changes in Income or Income Deductions that Cause Reductions

461-180-0040 Effective Dates; Special and Service Needs

461-180-0044 Effective Dates; Income Cap Trust

461-180-0050 Effective Dates; Suspending or Closing Benefits and JOBS Support Service Payments

461-180-0060 Effective Dates; Denial of Benefits

461-180-0065 Effective Dates; Ending Disqualifications

461-180-0070 Effective Dates; Initial Month Benefits

461-180-0080 Effective Dates; Initial Month FS Benefits

461-180-0081 Effective Dates; Cases Receiving Transitional Benefit Alternative (TBA)

461-180-0085 Effective Dates; Redeterminations of OSIPM and QMB

461-180-0090 Effective Dates; Initial Month Medical Benefits

461-180-0100 Effective Dates; Eligibility Following Closure

461-180-0105 Effective Dates; Reductions Delayed Pending a Hearing Decision

461-180-0110 Effective Dates; Reimbursement of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Premiums

461-180-0120 Effective Dates; Removing an Individual

461-180-0125 Effective Dates; Reopen After Returned Mail; ERDC, FS

461-180-0130 Effective Dates; Restored Benefits

461-180-0135 Effective Dates; Restoring SNAP Benefits for ABAWD Following Counting Month (Not Regaining)

461-180-0140 Effective Dates; Retroactive Medical Benefits



461-185-0010 T&A Overview, When to Use

461-185-0020 Authorization of T&A

461-185-0030 Interest Paid on T&A Accounts

461-185-0050 Client Pay-In System



461-190-0151 Case Planning; JOBS, Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, TA-DVS

461-190-0163 Restrictions on On-the-Job Training, Work Experience, Work Supplementation; JOBS

461-190-0171 Education Requirements for Teen Parents; JOBS

461-190-0181 Basic Education for Nonteens; JOBS

461-190-0197 Microenterprise Component

461-190-0199 Parents as Scholars

461-190-0211 Case Plan Activities and Standards for Support Service Payments; JOBS, Post-TANF, Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, TA-DVS, TANF

461-190-0231 Re-engagement; JOBS, Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, TA-DVS

461-190-0241 Transition Services; JOBS

461-190-0310 Limits to SNAP Employment and Training Components and Activities

461-190-0360 Special Payments; SNAP Employment and Training Programs

461-190-0401 Applicability

461-190-0406 Eligibility of Clients

461-190-0407 Clients' Individual Education Accounts

461-190-0411 Participation of Employers

461-190-0416 Supplemental Payments; JOBS

461-190-0421 Increased Tax Liability

461-190-0426 Termination of Work-Site Agreement

461-190-0500 Workfare; SNAP



461-191-0001 Purpose and Objectives

461-191-0005 Definitions

461-191-0010 Administration

461-191-0015 Requirements Imposed on OFB and Recipient Agencies

461-191-0020 Client Eligibility

461-191-0030 Allowable Services

461-191-0050 Fiscal Controls

461-191-0060 Monitoring



461-192-0000 Purpose and Objectives

461-192-0020 Administration

461-192-0030 Eligible Activities

461-192-0040 Fiscal Control and Reporting Requirements



461-193-0000 Client Rights; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES), Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0031 Eligibility Requirements; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0042 Refugee Project Employment Requirements and Employment Plan; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES), Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0130 Definitions; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES), Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0185 Countable Assets; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0190 Applying; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0221 Training Activities; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES), Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0240 Exemption From Participating; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES)

461-193-0246 Employment Incentive; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES)

461-193-0320 Effective Dates for Cash Assistance; Refugee Case Service Project

461-193-0470 Eligibility Decision; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0560 Payment Standards; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0670 Payment Controls; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-0690 Overpayments; Refugee Case Services Project (RCSP)

461-193-1140 Notice Situations; Refugee Projects

461-193-1200 Cooperation Requirements; New Arrival Employment Services (NAES)

461-193-1310 Participation Requirements; NAES Project

461-193-1380 Standards for NAES Support Service Payments



461-195-0301 Definitions

461-195-0303 Personal Injury Claim

461-195-0305 Lien of the Department

461-195-0310 Notice of Claim or Action by Applicant or Recipient

461-195-0315 Notice of Determination of Lien by Department

461-195-0320 Release of Lien for Future Medicals

461-195-0321 Assigning a Lien

461-195-0325 Release or Compromise of Lien

461-195-0350 Procedure Where Injured Recipient is a Minor

461-195-0501 Definitions and Categories of Overpayments

461-195-0521 Calculation of Overpayments

461-195-0541 Liability for Overpayments

461-195-0551 Methods of Recovering Overpayments

461-195-0561 Compromise of Overpayment Claim

461-195-0601 Intentional Program Violations; Defined

461-195-0611 Intentional Program Violations; Establishment and Appeal

461-195-0621 Intentional Program Violations; Penalties and Liability for Overpayments

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