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Revolving Charge Account Plan Terms and Conditions

A revolving Charge Account Plan is available to all Eastern students under the following terms and conditions:

(1) Payment: One third of the current term’s charges must be paid prior to or at the beginning of the current term. Any unpaid balance is part of the Revolving Charge Account Plan. Any subsequent payments will be applied to the unpaid balance on a first in, first out basis. Financial aid, refunds, and any other amounts due to the student from this institution will be applied toward any amount due this institution before any monies are released to the student. The option to pay the unpaid balance in full always exists.

(2) Interest: Interest will be charged each month on any unpaid balance at the rate of one percent per month, or fraction there??of (12% APR). This is subject to change as mandated by the Oregon Administrative Rules.

(3) Due Date: All current term’s charges (tuition, fees, dorm and meal charges) are due and must reach the Cashier’s Office by the date specified in the “Class Schedule” each term. Irrespective of the fact that only a payment of one third of the amount due (plus full payment of any past due balance) is required to validate the current term’s registration, the balance of the amount due will incur interest charges each month until paid. Payment of the remaining amount due for the current term is required by the last day of the current term. Payment for all additional charges (i.e., parking fines, telephone charges, library fines, etc.) are due on the first day of each month after the charges are incurred.

(4) Past Due Accounts: It is the student’s responsibility to make the scheduled payments by the due dates regardless of the circumstances. Failure to receive a billing prior to the first of the month is not an acceptable excuse for late payment. Interest charges and applicable late fees will be assessed on all past due accounts. The following penalties will apply:

(a) An institution collection fee of $25 will be assessed to any account not paid in full at the beginning of the subsequent term;

(b) Registration may be denied to any student whose account has a past due balance;

(c) The extension of credit, provision of services, grade reports, diplomas, and transcripts may be withheld from any student with a past due balance;

(d) Eviction from student housing may result when past due amounts relate to dorm charges. Telephone services may be disconnected or denied when past due accounts relate to telecommunication charges;

(e) Delinquent accounts referred to outside collection agencies will be assessed all costs and charges incurred, including, but not limited to, collection costs, attorney’s fees and court filing fees. The status of this account may be reported to credit bureaus.

(5) Address Information: The student is responsible for informing this institution’s Business Office of any name and/or adress change occurring during the life of this contract.

(6) Billing Rights: A student may challenge a charge within 60 days of the origination of the charge by directing his/her inquiry to: Eastern Oregon State College, Accounts Receivable, 1410 “L” Avenue, La Grande, OR 97850 (503) 962-3306. Any questions regarding this agreement can also be directed to the above address.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070
Hist.: EOSC 3-1994, f. & cert. ef. 7-25-94; EOU 4-2008(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 8-15-08 thru 1-31-09; Administrative correction 2-18-09

Collective Accounts and Notes Receivables


Collecting Accounts and Notes Receivables

(1) As directed by Oregon State Board of Higher Education OAR 580-041-0010(1), the Business Office at Eastern Oregon State College exercises diligence in collecting accounts and notes receivables due it by following, as appropriate, these remedies:

(a) Withholds student’s diploma, transcripts, or other instru?ments of degree confirmation/verification; (see section (2) of this rule);

(b) Denies or cancels registration;

(c) Withholds further accounts receivable privileges;

(d) Withholds employee’s wages after written notification;

(e) Applies any non-exempt credits in favor of debtor to debt;

(f) Adds penalties and interest as allowed by statutes and regulations;

(g) Utilizes offset procedures with other state agencies;

(h) Sends letter of demand;

(i) Uses “skip trace” information as allowed by statutes;

(j) Utilizes Department of Revenue as a collection agent;

(k) Institutes legal action as permitted by statutes.

(2) The office of the Registrar, at the request of the Director of Business Services, may withhold a student’s diploma, tran?script, or other instruments of degree confirmation/verification, when:

(a) The student has an outstanding account receivable or notes receivable balance;

(b) The student has failed to complete a required exit interview (exit interviews are necessary to have students sign repayment agreements, obtain forwarding addresses and to gather other data needed when a student leaves an institution);

(c) The student has not made arrangements to pay the bal?ance due or complete an exit interview; and

(d) The student has notice that an account balance is due, or an exit interview is required; and that the student’s diploma, transcript or other instrument of degree confirmation/verification may be withheld.

(3) The Director of Business Services, Eastern Oregon State College, or his designee, may waive any of the above remedies only in those circum-stances which serve the best interests of the institution, the state, or the federal government, or where required by state or federal statutes. (The discharge of debt through bankruptcy prevents the taking of any further action to collect.)

(4) The procedures are in conformity with the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations and were formally adopted as a rule after public hearing under the Administrative Procedures Act.

(5) The Eastern Oregon State College Business Office will grant hearings to any individual requesting information or expressing concern about the amount owed or circumstances related thereto. The written procedures to be followed in requesting a hearing are available at the Business Office.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070
Hist.: EOSC 5-1979, f. & ef. 6-27-79; EOSC 7-1979, f. & ef. 10-12-79; EOSC 1-1989, f. & cert. ef. 3-31-89; EOSC 1-1993, f. & cert. ef. 2-25-93; EOU 4-2008(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 8-15-08 thru 1-31-09; Administrative correction 2-18-09

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