The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Oregon Department of Education

Fair Dismissal Appeals Board



586-001-0000 Giving Reasonable Notice to Interested Persons on Any Proposal by the Fair Dismissal Appeals Board to Adopt, Amend, or Repeal Any Rule

586-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedure



586-010-0005 Purpose

586-010-0010 Membership

586-010-0015 Officers

586-010-0020 Board Chairman

586-010-0025 Board Meetings

586-010-0030 Annual Meetings

586-010-0035 Record of Meetings

586-010-0040 Official Records

586-010-0045 Executive Secretary

586-010-0050 Adoption and Amendment of Rules

586-010-0055 Parliamentary Procedure

586-010-0060 Compensation and Expenses of Board

586-010-0065 Expenses for Professional and Other Special Assistance

586-010-0070 Fair Dismissal Appeals Board Case Digest, Completion, and Distribution



586-030-0015 Notice of Appeal, Scheduling Hearings and Legal Representation for Panels

586-030-0025 Preliminary Matters

586-030-0032 Request to Participate as Party or in Limited Party Status

586-030-0037 Duty of Cooperation, Subpoenas, Discovery and Pre-Hearing Conference

586-030-0040 Testimony of Witness Not Present at Hearing

586-030-0044 Rights of Parties in Fair Dismissal Appeal Hearings

586-030-0050 Exhibits

586-030-0051 Witnesses

586-030-0055 Evidentiary Standard, Objections, Standard of Proof, Burdens and Privileges

586-030-0060 Hearing Procedures

586-030-0070 Final Orders, Notification and Timing

586-030-0075 Reconsideration or Rehearing

586-030-0076 Appeals

586-030-0080 Ex Parte Communications to the Panel

586-030-0085 Board Members, Representatives or Legal Counsel as Witnesses

1.) The OAR Compilation is updated on the first of each month to include all rule actions filed with the Secretary of State's Office by the 15th of the previous month.

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