The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through March 15, 2014


Department of Geology and Mineral Industries



632-001-0000 Notice of Rule Making

632-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedure

632-001-0010 Service Fees

632-001-0012 Earthquake Recording Instrument Fund

632-001-0014 Contracting Procedures

632-001-0015 State Agency Coordination Program

632-001-0020 Contracts for Geoscientific Surveys and Analysis



632-005-0000 Purpose

632-005-0010 Applicability to New Facilities and Structure

632-005-0020 Definitions

632-005-0030 Adoption of Maps for the Purposes of Screening New Essential Facilities, Hazardous Facilities, Major Structures, and Special Occupancy Structures

632-005-0040 Tsunami Inundation Zone

632-005-0050 Referrals

632-005-0060 Consultations; Requirements; Timing

632-005-0070 Exemption Responsibility

632-005-0080 Exceptions; Procedures; Timing; Appeals

632-005-0090 Exceptions; Fees



632-007-0000 Purpose

632-007-0010 Definitions

632-007-0020 Further Review Area Maps

632-007-0030 Effective Date



632-010-0002 General Rules

632-010-0004 Supremacy of Special Rules

632-010-0008 Definitions

632-010-0010 Application and Permit to Drill, Redrill, Deepen, Alter Casing, or Rework

632-010-0011 Active Permits

632-010-0012 Modifications to Drilling Permits

632-010-0014 Drilling Practices

632-010-0015 Down Hole Loss and Decommissioning of a Radioactive Source

632-010-0016 Enclosure and Identification of Wells, Tanks, and Other Oil Measuring Devices

632-010-0017 Well Records (Logs)

632-010-0018 Organization Reports

632-010-0020 Surface Equipment

632-010-0128 Boiler or Light Plant

632-010-0130 Rubbish or Debris

632-010-0132 Tubing

632-010-0134 Chokes

632-010-0136 Separators

632-010-0138 Fire Walls

632-010-0140 Reserve Pits or Sumps

632-010-0142 Directional Drilling

632-010-0144 Report of Perforating or Well Stimulation Treatment

632-010-0146 Vacuum Pumps Prohibited

632-010-0148 Production Practice

632-010-0150 Removal of Casing

632-010-0151 Notification of Fire, Breaks, Leaks, or Blowouts

632-010-0152 Multiple Completion of Wells

632-010-0154 Determining and Naming Fields and Pools

632-010-0156 Spacing Units, Notification

632-010-0157 Exceptions to Special Rules

632-010-0159 Underground Reservoirs for Natural Gas Storage

632-010-0161 Compulsory Integration Orders

632-010-0162 Illegal Production

632-010-0163 Limitation of Production

632-010-0164 Commingling of Production Prohibited

632-010-0165  Allocation of Gas Pursuant to Special Pool Rules

632-010-0166 Reports by Purchasers and Producers

632-010-0167 Maximum Efficient Rate Hearings

632-010-0168 Use of Earthen Reservoirs

632-010-0170 Reservoir Surveys

632-010-0172 Operators to Assist in Reservoir Surveys

632-010-0174 Measurement of Potential Open-Flow of Gas Wells

632-010-0176 Supervision of Open-Flow and Pressure Tests

632-010-0178 Duration of Tests

632-010-0182 Gas to be Metered

632-010-0184 Direct Well Pressure

632-010-0186 Gas-Oil Ratio

632-010-0188 Gas-Oil Ratio Surveys and Reports

632-010-0190 Gas Utilization

632-010-0192 Disposal of Brine or Salt Water

632-010-0194 Water Injection and Water Flooding of Oil and Gas Properties

632-010-0196 Gas Injection of Oil and Gas Properties

632-010-0198 Abandonment, Unlawful Abandonment, Suspension, Well Plugging

632-010-0205 Drilling Surety Bond

632-010-0210 Disposal of Solid and Liquid Wastes

632-010-0220 Measurement of Oil

Special Rules, Mist Gas Field

632-010-0225 Spacing Plan

632-010-0230 Location of Wells

632-010-0235 Exceptions



632-015-0005 Information and Seismic Test Holes

632-015-0010 Definitions

632-015-0015 Application and Permit to Conduct Seismic and Information Hole Operations

632-015-0020 Seismic Shot Hole Operations

632-015-0025 Financial Security Requirements

632-015-0030 Compliance With Law

632-015-0035 Notices

632-015-0040 Plugging Requirements

632-015-0045 Conversion to Water Well

632-015-0050 Filing of Reports

632-015-0055 Reclamation

632-015-0060  Appeals



632-020-0005 Jurisdiction and Authority

632-020-0010 Definitions

632-020-0015 Inspection and Supervision

632-020-0020 General Rules

632-020-0025 Supremacy of Special Rules

632-020-0028 Permit Required

632-020-0030  Application for Geothermal or Prospect Well

632-020-0031 Annual Permit Fees

632-020-0032 Permit Conditions

632-020-0035 Drilling Financial Security

632-020-0040 Assignment, Transfers of Ownership

632-020-0060 Filing of Well Records, Confidentiality

632-020-0065 Applications to Modify

632-020-0070 Well Designations

632-020-0090 Noise Abatement

632-020-0095 Casing Requirements

632-020-0100 Removal of Casings

632-020-0105 Directional Drilling

632-020-0110 Serving Orders

632-020-0115 Measurement of Geothermal Resources

632-020-0117 Spacing Plan

632-020-0120 Production Reports

632-020-0125 Proper Completion, Plugging, and Decommissioning

632-020-0130 Subsequent Decommissioning Report

632-020-0134 Naming of Fields

632-020-0135 Well Spacing

632-020-0138 Unit Agreements

632-020-0140 Commingling Production

632-020-0145 Pits or Sumps

632-020-0150 Disposal of Solid and Liquid Wastes

632-020-0151 Handling of Test Fluids

632-020-0154 Injection and Conservation

632-020-0155 Application to Inject

632-020-0156 Permit for Injection

632-020-0157 Injection Well Construction, Protection and Mechanical Integrity

632-020-0158 Wellhead Equipment, Injection Wells

632-020-0159 Monitoring Injection

632-020-0165 Judicial Review of Board Actions

632-020-0170 Environmental Protection

Geothermal Blowout Prevention

632-020-0175 Blowout Prevention for Geothermal Wells and Prospect Wells 2,000 Feet or More in Depth

632-020-0180 Blowout Prevention Rules for Prospect Wells Less than 2,000 Feet in Depth



Applicable to All Surface Mining Except As Specifically Provided Under OAR Chapter 632,
Division 035 (Coal and Metal-Bearing Ore Operations), and OAR Chapter 632,
Division 037 (Chemical Process Mining)

632-030-0005 Purpose and Application of These Rules

632-030-0010 Definitions

632-030-0015 Information Requirements; Surveys; Marking

632-030-0016 Total Exemptions

632-030-0017 Limited Exemption

632-030-0018 County Authority; City or County Operations

632-030-0019 Surface Mining on Federal Lands

632-030-0020 Procedures for Applying for an Operating Permit

632-030-0021 Performance Bonds and Alternative Forms of Security

632-030-0022 Fees

632-030-0024 Inspections

632-030-0025 Requirements for an Operating Permit and Reclamation Plan

632-030-0026 On-Site Construction Waiver

632-030-0027 Minimum Standards for a Reclamation Plan

632-030-0030 Department Action on Reclamation Plan and Operating Permit Application; Provisional Operating Permits; Local Government Actions

632-030-0033 Reclamation by the Department

632-030-0035 Modification of an Operating Permit

632-030-0040 Maintaining and Renewing an Operating Permit

632-030-0041 Permit and Exemption Transfer

632-030-0042 Termination of Operating Permits

632-030-0045 Obtaining Bond Release

632-030-0049 Emergency Operating Permits

632-030-0052 Temporary Operating Permits

632-030-0056 Appeals

632-030-0070 Penalty Warning; Civil Penalty



Applicable to Exploration Activities Obtaining Permits After July 31, 1990

632-033-0005 Purpose of These Rules and Regulations

632-033-0010 Definitions

632-033-0016 Exemptions

632-033-0025 Exploration Permit Requirements

632-033-0030 Department Action on an Exploration Permit Application

632-033-0035 Modification of an Exploration Permit

632-033-0040 Maintaining an Exploration Permit

632-033-0043 Expiration of an Exploration Permit Obligation

632-033-0045 Obtaining Financial Security Releases

632-033-0050 Appeals

632-033-0055 Penalties



Applicable to Coal and Metal-Bearing Ores Operations Obtaining Permits After August 16, 1981

632-035-0005 Purpose of These Rules and Regulations

632-035-0010 Definitions

632-035-0015 General Information

632-035-0016 Total Exemption

632-035-0017 Limited Exemptions

632-035-0020 Procedures for Applying for an Operating Permit

632-035-0025 Requirements of an Operating Permit Application

632-035-0030 Department Action on Operating Permit Application

632-035-0035 Modification of an Operating Permit

632-035-0040 Maintaining an Operating Permit

632-035-0045 Obtaining Bond Releases

632-035-0050 Appeals

632-035-0055 Penalties

632-035-0060 Civil Penalty



632-037-0005 Purpose

632-037-0010 Definitions

632-037-0015 State and Federal Agency Coordination

632-037-0020 Project Coordinating Committee

632-037-0025 Technical Review Team

632-037-0030 Public Notice Procedure

Pre-Application Phase

632-037-0035 Notice of Intent

632-037-0040 Notice of Prospective Applicant's Readiness to Collect Baseline Data

Application Phase

Consolidated Application

632-037-0045 Content

632-037-0050 General Information

632-037-0055 Existing Environment -- Baseline Data

632-037-0060 Operating Plan

632-037-0070 Reclamation and Closure Plan

632-037-0075 Alternatives Analysis

632-037-0077 Additional Requirements

Notice to Proceed

632-037-0080 Notice to Proceed

632-037-0085 Environmental Evaluation

632-037-0090 Socioeconomic Impact Analysis

632-037-0095 Permitting Agency Action on a Consolidated Application

632-037-0100 Cooperating Agency Action on a Consolidated Application

632-037-0105 Consolidated Public Hearing; Final Permits

632-037-0110 Appeals; Consolidated Contested Case Hearing

632-037-0115 Judicial Review

632-037-0117 Definitions

632-037-0118 Best Available Practicable and Necessary Technology

632-037-0120 Mine Operation Standards

632-037-0125 Fish and Wildlife Standards

632-037-0130 Reclamation and Mine Closure Standards

632-037-0135 Financial Security

632-037-0140 Obtaining Financial Security Release

632-037-0145 Permit Modifications

632-037-0150 Civil Penalties

632-037-0155 Fees



632-038-0005 Purpose

632-038-0010 Applicability

632-038-0020 Definitions

632-038-0030 Qualifying Reclamation Practices

632-038-0050 Application Procedures

632-038-0060 Incentives

632-038-0070 Grants

632-038-0080 Coordination With Private Incentive Programs

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