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These rules guide the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board in accepting applications and considering grant proposals for funding under the provisions of ORS 541.890, et seq. The regular Board grant program includes grants for watershed restoration, monitoring, watershed assessment and action planning, watershed council support, watershed education and outreach, land and water acquisition, and small grants. In addition, the Board may from time to time, as funds are available, request proposals for technical assistance and research.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05



(1) "Board" means the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board created under ORS 541.900.

(2) "Director" means the Executive Director of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board or the Executive Director’s designee.

(3) "Grant Agreement" is the legally binding contract between the Board and the grant recipient. It consists of the conditions specified in these rules, the notice of grant award, special conditions to the agreement, a certification to comply with applicable state and federal regulations, the project budget and the approved application for funding the project.

(4) "Regional Review Team" is a team, appointed by the Director, of designated personnel with regional knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise drawn from agencies represented on the Board and other entities to evaluate regional grant applications. The Director may change the composition of regional review teams.

(5) "Partners" are non-governmental or governmental persons or entities that have committed funding, expertise, materials, labor, or other assistance to a proposed project.

(6) "Match" is any contribution to a project that is non-Board funds. Match may include:

(a) Cash on hand or cash that is pledged to be on hand prior to commencement of the project;

(b) Secured funding commitments from other sources;

(c) Pending commitments of funding from other sources. In such instances, Board funding will not be released prior to secured commitment of the other funds. Pending commitments of the funding must be secured within 12 months from the date of the award; or

(d) The value of in-kind labor, equipment rental and materials essential to the project, based on local market rates.

(7) "OWEB" means the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board state agency.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05; OWEB 3-2008, f. 11-14-08, cert. ef. 1-1-09


Application Requirements

(1) Applications must be submitted on the most current form prescribed by the Board. Current applications are available on the OWEB website. An explanation must accompany the application if any of the information required on the application cannot be provided. In addition to the information required in the application, and the required attachments, an applicant may submit additional information that will aid the Board in evaluating the project.

(2) All applicants for Board grants shall supply the following information:

(a) Names, physical and email addresses, fax and telephone numbers of the applicant contact person(s) and the fiscal officer(s);

(b) Name and address of involved landowner(s);

(c) The name and location of the proposed project. The location shall be described in reference to the public land survey, latitude and longitude using decimal degrees, North American Datum 1983, county, watershed, and stream mile, if appropriate;

(d) Estimated line item budget for the project using the most current budget form prescribed by the Board. Current budget forms are available on the OWEB website;

(e) Identification of specific project elements for which Board funds will be used;

(f) A list of any non-Board funds, services or materials available or secured for the project and any conditions which may affect the completion of the project;

(g) If the project is part of a multi-year project, and a new funding request continues a previously Board-funded activity, a description of the previous project accomplishments and results as well as an accounting of past expenditures and revenues for the project;

(h) Identification of volunteers and partners and the contribution they will make to the project;

(i) A project schedule including times of project beginning and completion; and

(j) Any information requested that is necessary to evaluate the project based on the evaluation criteria for that project type.

(3) All applicants shall demonstrate at least 25% match is being sought, on a form prescribed by the Board, based on the total Board grant request, at the time of application.

(4) All applications that involve physical changes or monitoring on private land must include certification from the applicant that the applicant has informed all landowners involved of the existence of the application and has also advised all landowners that all monitoring information obtained on their property is public record. If contact with all landowner was not possible at the time of application, explain why.

(5) Fiscal administration costs, which may include accounting, auditing, contract management and fiscal reporting expenses for the project, for a grant awarded by the Board may not exceed 10% of the total Board funds expended for the project.

(6) Applications will be considered complete as submitted. Clarification of information may be sought from the applicant during the evaluation process but additional, new information will not be accepted after the application deadline.

(7) Applicants are encouraged to submit requests for up to $10,000 for watershed restoration projects to the Small Grant Team in their Small Grant Area, unless the project is not eligible for funding under the Small Grant Program or the Small Grant Program has no funds available at the time of application. Applicants may not submit the same proposal to both the Board and the Small Grant Team.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05; OWEB 3-2008, f. 11-14-08, cert. ef. 1-1-09


Application Processing

(1) The Board shall announce deadlines for submitting applications, except for the Small Grant Program.

(2) Project applications will be reviewed based on application completeness and the evaluation criteria adopted by the Board for each grant type in these rules.

(3) A regular grant applicant may be any person, tribe, watershed council, soil and water conservation district, not-for-profit institution, school, community college, state institution of higher education, independent not-for-profit institution of higher education, or political subdivision of this state that is not a state agency. A state agency or federal agency may apply for funding under this section only as a co-applicant with one of the other eligible entities. Any of these applicants or co-applicants may also serve as a fiscal agent for grants.

(4) The Board may require additional information to aid in evaluating and considering a proposed watershed project.

(5) The Board may use a regional review team or other technical team to review grant applications and make funding recommendations to the staff or Board.

(6) The Board may rank projects in selecting projects for funding.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05


Grant Agreement Conditions

(1) The Board will enter into new agreements or amendments to existing agreements for time extensions and award amounts with prior Grantees only if all reporting obligations under earlier agreements have been met.

(2) If the grant agreement has not been fully executed by all the parties within one year of Board approval, funding shall be terminated. The money allocated to the grant shall be available for reallocation by the Board.

(3) The Director shall establish grant agreement conditions for each grant type. Grantees shall comply with all grant agreement conditions.

(4) The Grantee shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances applicable to the work to be done under the agreement.

(5) All project activities must demonstrate, to the extent possible, consistency with local community workforce and economic development plans and policies.

(6) Following project completion, equipment purchased with Board funds shall reside with any of the following: watershed council, soil and water conservation district, tribe, local government, state agency, institution of higher learning, or a school district. These entities will make the equipment available to others at no cost, other than nominal operation and maintenance costs.

(7) Upon notice to the Grantee in writing, the Director may terminate funding for projects not completed in the prescribed time and manner. The money allocated to the project but not used will be available for reallocation by the Board.

(8) The Grantee will account for funds distributed by the Board, using project expense forms provided.

(9) The Grantee will obtain the necessary permits and licenses from local, state or federal agencies or governing bodies and provide a copy to the Board.

(10) The Board may place additional conditions in the Grant Agreement as necessary to carry out the purpose of the watershed enhancement program. Such conditions may include:

(a) A commitment by the landowner for continued access for monitoring the project after completion;

(b) A commitment by the Grantee to maintain the project for a period of time as deemed appropriate by the Board;

(c) A commitment to supply future reports on the project as required;

(d) Such other conditions as the Board deems appropriate to the particular circumstances of the project.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05; OWEB 3-2008, f. 11-14-08, cert. ef. 1-1-09


Distribution of Funds

(1) The Board will not reimburse the Grantee for any expenditures incurred prior to the signing of the grant agreement by all parties, except for fees charged by an affected city or county for processing the required Land Use Information Sheet.

(2) The Director may withhold payments to a Grantee in a situation where there are significant and persistent difficulties with satisfying Board requirements.

(3) Prior to disbursement of Board funds, the Grantee must provide proof that the 25% required match, based on the total Board award, has been secured.

(4) Prior to disbursement of Board funds for projects involving private lands, the Board must receive certification from the Grantee that they will obtain, prior to expending Board funds on a property, a cooperative agreement from the landowner that, at a minimum, includes:

(a) Permission to access the private land, at times agreeable to the landowner, to implement the project, inspect the project, track the status of the project, or perform repairs or maintenance;

(b) Permission for the Board or its representatives to access the private land for inspection and evaluation of the project; and

(c) Identification of the party responsible for repairs and maintenance of the project.

(5) Funds shall not be disbursed until the Board receives satisfactory evidence that necessary permits and licenses have been granted and documents required by the Board have been submitted.

(6) Funds will be released upon presentation of a completed fund release request form accompanied by receipts or invoices, and proof of completion of specific work elements of the project as identified in the Grant Agreement.

(7) Advance funds may be released upon presentation of a detailed estimate of expenses for up to 120 days. Within 120 days of the date of the advance check, receipts or invoices for the advance must be submitted, a justification to extend the advance must be approved, or the unexpended advance funds must be returned to the Board. Additional funds will not be released until receipts for expenditures of previous fund releases are submitted, or an estimate of expenditures is approved by the Director.

(8) The Board shall retain ten percent of project funds until the final report, as required in the grant agreement, has been approved. Final reports are due within 60 days of project completion. Any unexpended Board funds must be returned to the Board with the final report. Upon receipt of the final report, the Board shall have 90 days to approve the completed report or notify the Grantee of any concerns that must be addressed or missing information that must be submitted before the report is considered complete and reviewed for approval. Once the final report has been approved the final payment shall be promptly processed.

(9) All Grantees shall account for at least 25% in actual match, on a form prescribed by the Board, based on the total Board grant expenditures, upon project conclusion and final reporting.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05; OWEB 3-2008, f. 11-14-08, cert. ef. 1-1-09


Waiver of Rules

The Director may waive the requirements of division 5, unless they are required by statute, for individual grants, when doing so will result in more efficient or effective implementation of the Board's grant program. Any waiver granted shall be in writing and included in the permanent file of the individual grant for which the waiver was granted.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05; OWEB 3-2008, f. 11-14-08, cert. ef. 1-1-09


Periodic Rules Review and Program Evaluation

The Board shall review the grant program and rules at least once every five years and make changes as needed to carry out a high quality and effective program.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 541.906
Stats. Implemented: ORS 541.890 - 541.969
Hist.: OWEB 4-2004, f. 11-2-04, cert. ef. 2-1-05

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