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Implementing ORS 348.594 to 348.615 and 348.992

This rule implements Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 348.594 to 348.615 and 348.992 for the purpose of providing for the protection of the citizens of Oregon and their post-secondary schools by ensuring the quality of higher education offered to Oregon students and preserving the integrity of an academic degree as a public credential. The term "manager" as used in this rule means the employee in the position of responsibility for managing the programs and activities implemented by the aforementioned laws and these rules.

Stat. Auth.: 2012 SB 242
Stats. Implemented: 2012 SB 242
Hist.: HECC 1-2013, f. & cert. ef. 8-21-13


Delegating the Duties

This rule is for the purpose of delegating the duties, functions, and powers of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission with respect to degree authorization, degree validation, administer interstate agreements and review of new academic programs under ORS 348.594 to 348.615 and 348.992 to the manager of these programs and activities.

(1) Degree authorization shall be the responsibility of the manager, who shall have final authority with regard to:

(a) Authorization of post-secondary schools to offer academic degree programs (under Oregon Administrative Rules 583-030);

(b) Authorization of approved degree-granting schools to offer academic programs leading to a certificate or diploma;

(c) Termination of any activities related to higher education by an education entity not authorized to offer degrees and post-secondary academic programs in Oregon and ineligible for exemption from authorization under Oregon statutes.

(2) Degree validation under OAR 583-050 shall be the responsibility of the manager, who shall have final authority with regard to:

(a) Validation of claims of degree possession and determination of appropriate degree use under Oregon law;

(b) Termination of substandard or fraudulent degree activities;

(c) Termination of activities of diploma mills operating in or from Oregon;

(d) Termination of any operation in or from Oregon of post-secondary accrediting bodies that are not recognized by the United States Department of Education.

(3) Administration of any interstate agreements, such as the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) shall be the responsibility of the executive director, which includes but is not limited to::

(a) Reviewing applications of and entering into agreements with educational institutions for authorization to participate in SARA;

(b) Administering agreements for participation in SARA between the commission and an educational institution; and

(c) Establishing application fees. The commission imposes a biennial fee on any educational institution applying to operate under or participate in SARA. The fee is based on an educational institution’s total enrolled full-time equivalent (FTE) as shown in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and is as follows:

(A) Under 2,500 Enrolled FTE: $3,000.

(B) 2,500 to 9,999 Enrolled FTE: $5,000.

(C) 10,000 or more Enrolled FTE: $7,000.

Stat. Auth.: 2012 SB 242, 2014 SB 1525 & 2014 HB 4018
Stats. Implemented: 2012 SB 242
Hist.: HECC 1-2013, f. & cert. ef. 8-21-13; HECC 5-2014(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 10-15-14 thru 4-13-15; HECC 11-2014, f. & cert. ef. 12-18-14


Establishing Fees for Public Record

A fee may be imposed on any school or person requesting services or information from the commission pertaining to the administration of its functions under ORS 348.594 to 348.615. The amount of the fee shall be established by the manager to recover designated expenses incurred by the commission in carrying out the administration of ORS 348.594 to 348.615. Any fees collected by the commission, for services that are the responsibility of the manager shall be deposited in the Degree Authorization Account established under ORS 348.601 and used exclusively for purposes directly related to the duties and functions of the commission under the authority of the manager as delegated by the commission.

Stat. Auth.: 2012 SB 242
Stats. Implemented: 2012 SB 242
Hist.: HECC 1-2013, f. & cert. ef. 8-21-13

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