The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through October 15, 2014


Travel Information Council



733-001-0000 Notice of Proposed Rule

733-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedure

733-001-0010 Model Rules of Public Contracting for Construction Services

733-001-0015 Assumed Business Name

733-001-0025 Public Records Request Requirements and Fees

Confidentiality of Dispute Resolution by Mediation

733-001-0030 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications

733-001-0035 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Workplace Interpersonal Dispute Mediation Communications



733-030-0006 Applicability and Purpose

733-030-0011 Definitions

733-030-0016 Location

733-030-0021 Criteria for Specific Information Permitted

733-030-0026 Composition

733-030-0036 Special Requirements -- Interstate Highways and Expressways

733-030-0045 Special Requirements -- Conventional Highways

733-030-0050 General Provisions

733-030-0055 State Sign Policy

733-030-0060 Waiver

733-030-0065 Permit Fees and Installation

733-030-0080 Requirements for Supplemental Messages on Logo Plaques

Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TOD Signs)

733-030-0085 Applicability and Purpose

733-030-0090 Definitions

733-030-0095 Locations

733-030-0100 Criteria for Information Permitted

733-030-0105 Composition

733-030-0110 Special Requirements -- Conventional Highways

733-030-0115 General Provisions

733-030-0120 State Sign Policy

733-030-0125 Application and Eligibility

733-030-0130 Waiver

733-030-0135 Permit Fees and Installations

733-030-0150 Applicability and Purpose

733-030-0155 Definitions

733-030-0160 Location

733-030-0170 Eligibility

733-030-0180 Criteria

733-030-0190 Composition

733-030-0200 Fees and Installation

733-030-0210 Temporary Removal and Reinstallation

733-030-0220 Maintenance

Museums and Historic Site Signs

733-030-0250 Applicability and Purpose

733-030-0260 Definitions

733-030-0270 Location

733-030-0280 Criteria for Information Permitted

733-030-0290 Compostition

733-030-0300 Special Requirements -- Conventional Highways

733-030-0320 State Sign Policy

733-030-0330 Application and Eligibility

733-030-0340 Waiver

733-030-0350 Permit Fees and Installations

Interstate Oasis Sign Program

733-030-0400 Applicability and Purpose

733-030-0410 Definitions

733-030-0420 Location

733-030-0430 Eligibility Criteria

733-030-0440 Composition

733-030-0450 Special Requirements — Interstate Highways and Expressways

733-030-0460 State Sign Policy

733-030-0470 Waiver

733-030-0480 Installation and Permit Fees

Free Coffee Program

733-030-0500 Applicability and Purpose

733-030-0510 Definitions

733-030-0520 Criteria

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