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Oregon Trademarks Study Questions

Find the answer to these questions in this online trademarks exhibit.

1. How many historical figures can you find in the exhibit?

2. How many times does the state animal appear in the exhibit? (hint: the state animal is a beaver)

3. Find products in the exhibit that are still being manufactured today under the same brand name.

4. What product did the Newton Brothers sell?

5. How much does a sealskin hat cost according to one trademark?

6. What product claimed you could make it in five minutes?

7. What product claimed you could you make it in less than five minutes?

8. Name two products a farmer might buy to use for his horse.

9. What product is used for rousing a torpid liver?

10. How many images of fish/salmon appear in the exhibit?

11. Write down the names of three products you might use on your hamburger.

12. What product would appeal to you most as something you might buy?  


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