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Nipper, the fox terrier immortalized in "His Master's Voice", is one of the music trademarks filed in the Secretary of State's records. His owner, Francis Barraud, a Bristol, England theater stage set painter in the late 19th century, noticed Nipper listening intently, head cocked, to a cylinder phonograph. After the dog's death this image never left Barraud. He later painted the image of Nipper, listening intently to an Edison-bell cylinder machine. The Edison-bell company was not interested in the painting because "Dogs don't listen to phonographs." The Gramophone Company in London commissioned Barraud to alter the painting with a Gramophone. The painting was brought to the United States and was used as a logo and later by a successor, the Victor Talking Machine Company.

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Shop Look Listen - #2063, Foley-Maegly Music Company, Oregon, 1921

Shop Look Listen - #2063, Foley-Maegly Music Company, Oregon, 1921 - click on image to enlarge

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