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Welcome from Governor John Kitzhaber

Governor John Kitzhaber

Governor John Kitzhaber

Fellow Oregonians:


The Oregon Blue Book provides a vital snapshot of all our state has to offer. With
comprehensive information on Oregon history, economy, and governance — plus an introduction to our arts, culture, and environment — this book shows why Oregon is a great place to live and to work.


As I work with people across the state to preserve our state’s rich quality of life, I am
continually inspired by Oregonians’ deep commitment to one another. Of all of Oregon’s
abundant natural assets, our most important is our citizens, who time and time again have had the courage and discipline necessary to weather challenging times while emerging more successful and more united.


The Oregon Blue Book provides a glimpse of our shared history of building a better and stronger state, and we are writing the next chapter now, driven by our common vision of the future — one with ample opportunity for every Oregonian in every community in the state and one in which we remain committed to future generations of Oregonians whose prosperity depends on the decisions we make now.


To every Oregonian, thank you for believing in our state. Thank you for believing in and supporting one another, and thank you for coming together to shape Oregon’s future.



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John Kitzhaber


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