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Department of Education: Agency Subdivisions

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State Board of Education
Address: 255 Capitol St. NE, Salem 97310-0203
Phone: 503-947-5616
Fax: 503-378-5156

Contact: Jan McComb, Executive Director
Statutory Authority: ORS 326.011–326.075

Duties and Responsibilities: The Oregon Legislature created the State Board of Education in 1951 to oversee the state’s schools and community colleges. The board sets educational policies and standards for Oregon’s 197 public school districts, 17 community college districts and 19 education service districts. All of these agencies have their own elected governing boards responsible for oversight, budgeting and policy within their jurisdictions.

The board works to ensure that every Oregon public school student has equal access to high quality educational services that promote lifelong learning and prepare students for their next steps following high school graduation, including college, work and citizenship. To this end, the board has raised graduation requirements, including the requirement that students demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and math through assessments or work samples. It is also focused on easing transitions from pre-kindergarten through high school, college and career.

The board is comprised of seven members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Five members represent Oregon’s congressional districts, two members represent the state at large, and the secretary of state and state treasurer serve in ex officio capacity. Members serve four-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms. The board meets about eight times per year and the public is welcome to attend the meetings.


Early Learning Division
Address: 775 Summer St. NE, Salem 97301
Phone: 503-373-0071
Fax: 503-378-5156
Contact: Megan Irwin, Acting Director
Statutory Authority: ORS 657A.010

Duties and Responsibilities: The Early Learning Division is responsible for regulating child care centers and family child care homes. The division also administers the federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) which provides support and assistance to low-income working families, child care resource and referral agencies, community-based child care programs, and training and technical assistance to child care providers. The division also uses CCDF funds to support child care for high risk populations including migrant and seasonal workers, parents in substance abuse treatment, teen and post-secondary student parents, and children with special needs.

Fair Dismissal Appeals Board
Address: 255 Capitol St. NE, Salem 97310-0203
Phone: 503-947-5734; TDD: 503-378-2892
Fax: 503-378-5156
Contact: Cindy Hunt, Government and Legal Affairs Manager
Statutory Authority: ORS 342.930

Duties and Responsibilities: The Fair Dismissal Appeals Board (FDAB) was created in 1971 to hear appeals of teacher and administrator dismissals and to provide a uniform statewide system of pre- and post-determination due process for these cases. It also provides uniform standards for dismissals.

The 20-member FDAB is appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate and is chosen from specific categories: five public school administrators, five contract teachers, five school board members and five who must have no occupational affiliation with a school district. Each category must be further distributed by size of school district. Members serve a term of four years but also serve “at the pleasure” of the governor. A member’s term continues to the completion of an appeal, including a motion for reconsideration.

The board meets annually in October. The meeting is subject to the Public Meetings Law and is open to the public.


Quality Education Commission
Address: 255 Capitol St. NE, Salem 97310-0203
Phone: (503) 947-5670; TDD: 503-378-2892
Fax: 503-378-5156
Contact: Brian Reeder, Assistant Superintendent
Statutory Authority: ORS 327.497–327.506

Duties and Responsibilities: The 2001 Legislature established the Quality Education Commission to determine the amount of funding needed to meet the state’s quality education goals for kindergarten through grade 12 public education. The 11-member board is appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. No more than five members of the commission may be employed by a school district at the time of appointment. Prior to August 1 of each even-numbered year, the commission issues a report to the governor and the Legislative Assembly that identifies current education practices in the state, the costs of continuing those practices and the expected student performance under those practices; and the best practices for meeting the quality goals, the costs of implementing the best practices and the expected student performance under the best practices.


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