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Oregon Military Department: Agency Subdivisions

This building in Salem houses the central offices of the Oregon Military Department. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

This building in Salem houses the central offices of the Oregon Military Department. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

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Command Group
Address: AGDD 237, PO Box 14350, Salem 97309-5047
Phone: 503-584-3985
Fax: 503-584-3987
Contact: Major General Raymond F. Rees, Adjutant General

Duties and Responsibilities: The Command Group administers all components of the Oregon National Guard. It consists of The Adjutant General of the Oregon National Guard; the Joint Force Headquarters, including the Assistant Adjutants General for the Air and Army National Guard Components; and the Deputy Director for the State Affairs Component and the Oregon State Defense Force.

The Adjutant General directs the administration, discipline, training and mobilization of the Oregon National Guard, the Oregon State Defense Force and the Joint Force Headquarters. The Adjutant General develops and coordinates policies and programs in cooperation with the governor and the state Legislature.


Financial Administration Division
Address: AGC Rm. 158, PO Box 14350, Salem 97309-5047
Phone: 503-584-3911
Contact: Karl Jorgenson, Director

Duties and Responsibilities: The Financial Administration Division is responsible for agency-wide financial accounting and reporting, budget development and execution, purchasing and contracting, risk management and administration of the fiscal and information management system for the Oregon Military Department.


Installations Division
Address: AGI Rm. 155, PO Box 14350, Salem 97309-5047
Phone: 503-584-3914
Fax: 503-584-3584
Contact: Lieutenant Colonel Christian Rees, Director

Duties and Responsibilities: The Installations Division acquires and maintains the armories, training installations, logistics installations and office space for the Oregon Military Department and the Oregon Army National Guard. The division provides master planning, programming and real estate services on behalf of the agency. The Operations and Maintenance Program provides maintenance and repair of existing facilities as well as energy conservation through centralized energy monitoring and management. The Construction Operations Program provides construction management services for the Army National Guard Construction Program. The Environmental Program provides environmental management services for Army National Guard facilities.


Public Affairs Office
Address: AGPA Rm. 204, PO Box 14350, Salem 97309-5047
Phone: 503-584-3917
Fax: 503-584-3912
Contact: Captain Stephen Bomar, Public Affairs Officer

Duties and Responsibilities: The Public Affairs Office provides information on activities of the Oregon National Guard and responds to requests for information from the public and private sector and from active and retired members of the Oregon National Guard.


Other Entities:


Emergency Management, Office of
Address: 3225 State St., Salem 97301; PO Box 14370, Salem 97309-5062
Phone: 503-378-2911; TTY: 503-373-7857
Fax: 503-373-7833
Contact: Dave Stuckey, Director
Statutory Authority: ORS Chapter 401

Duties and Responsibilities: The Office of Emergency Management executes the governor’s responsibilities to maintain an emergency services system to deal with emergencies or disasters that may present threats to the lives and property of Oregon’s citizens. The agency coordinates and facilitates emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery activities with state and local emergency service agencies and organizations.


State Defense Force, Oregon
Address: Camp Withycombe, 15300 Industrial Way, Clackamas 97015-9372
Phone: 503-683-5458
Fax: 503-683-5255
Contact: Brigadier General J. Michael Caldwell, Commanding General
Statutory Authority: 32 U.S. Code Sec.109, ORS 399.035

Duties and Responsibilities: The Oregon State Defense Force (ORSDF) was established in 1961 to provide Oregon with a trained National Guard Reserve Force. With the governor as Commander-in-Chief, the ORSDF serves within the Military Department. The ORSDF, as an augmentation for the Oregon National Guard, is administered by The Adjutant General and is a force multiplier for the state’s emergency operations.


Youth Challenge Program
Address: 23881 Dodds Rd., Bend 97850
Phone: 541-317-9623
Fax: 541-382-6785
Contact: Dan Radabaugh, Director

Duties and Responsibilities: The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program is a public alternative high school that operates similar to a military academy. The program is guided by military principles, structure and discipline. It is a residential school where cadets (students) live on site for five and one-half months while attending the school. This period is followed by a manda­tory 12-month mentor phase back in the community.


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